Wondering Where Cryptocurrency is Going? NYC Token Fest Might Be The Event to Explore

I certainly consider myself a member of the constantly growing New York City blockchain community, and in a city as large as this one, I’m constantly having to filter through blockchain events that are happening every day of the year to find the ones that will truly bring value and are worth the time.

Frequently, many of these events are on the smaller side, have speakers that are blockchain amateurs, or are held in very inconvenient locations. So when a great event rolls around that catches my eye, I’m sure to let other members of my community know.

The Blockchain Without Borders Token Fest 2018 was passed along to me this week. I attended an event ran by Blockchain Without Borders earlier this year during NYC Blockchain Week, and I felt this one had a lot of promise, so I decided to blast it out to everyone who would be interested in attending. Here are some details:

Blockchain Without Borders is an internationally recognized event series that has put on several highly rated and well-attended events. During NYC Blockchain Week this Summer, BWB was voted one of the top blockchain conferences packed with innovators and visionaries in the field.

Featuring over a hundred world-class blockchain speakers, a VIP dinner with blockchain experts, and a networking after party, BWB looks promising.

The networking opportunities with blockchain professionals from around the globe, especially makes this event very appealing for those in the NYC blockchain community.

Token Fest 2018 will have four themes:

  • Parent Chain: Aiming to strike a balance between “fairness” and “efficiency”.
  • DApps: The breeding ground for blockchain experimentation is producing incredible results.
  • Exchange Future: What is the future of cryptocurrency trading? Will mining survive?
  • Investment Institutions: Tokenization of assets: is the future of business found in tokens?

With advanced knowledge about everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenization from experts in the field who are hand-selected by BWB and partners. You’ll also have access to blockchain experts and professionals that attend the Token Fest from NYC and those that traveled from around the world to be in attendance. The BWB Token Fest 2018 will be focusing in those four above themes that are so crucial to the future success of blockchain.

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