AWS Quest 2: Reaching Las Vegas

Hey AWS Questers and puzzlehunters! We’ve reached the last day of AWS Quest: The Road to re:Invent! Ozz has made it from Seattle to Las Vegas—after taking the long way via Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai, Stockholm, Cape Town, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, New York City, Toronto, and Mexico City. Now in Vegas, Ozz plans […]

How We’re Using Machine Learning and Trading Bots to Predict Crypto Prices

W e just launched AlgoHive, an open-source project to crowdsource the prediction of cryptocurrency prices and automate crypto trading. We are now sharing our vision towards where our project is headed. In short we’d like

6 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

These days, every person you meet has a blog. Be it for sharing their personal thoughts and feelings or to promote a business or company, blogs have become more and more popular in the last decade and they are a great way to get your message, whatever that may be, out to the community. Although …
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Get a FREE Bank Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi Design Initiative where each week, we give away two brand new, free Divi Layout Packs from our design team to you. For the second layout this week, Kenny and his team have created a professional Bank Layout Pack that’ll easily […]

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We Planned Not to Build Another New Theme Ever Again – Transparency Report #45

Welcome to the 45th edition of the monthly transparency report (for October 2018). In this series, I go through everything that’s been going on in the business – especially the behind-the-scenes stuff – that you might be interested in.

What Is a Bot?

Our in-house Know-It-Alls answer questions about your interactions with technology.

Nix – The Purely Functional Package Manager for Linux

Nix is a powerful, purely functional package management system designed for reliable and reproducible package management, released under the terms of the GNU LGPLv2.1. It is the primary package management system in NixOS, a...

Facebook Moves to Limit Hate Speech as ‘Times’ Scandal Swirls

Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of major changes to Facebook while defending his company against a scathing New York Times report.

Razer Phone 2 review: A powerful gaming phone with a dash of flagship panache – CNET

It improves on the original Razer Phone in almost every way, but its battery life and photo quality are disappointing, even after a software update.

How to find a Word in Vim or vi text editor nixCraft Updated Tutorials/Posts

I am a new Linux and Unix-like operating system user. How do search and find words in Vi Vim? How can I find a Word in Vim or vi text editor?Introduction: Vi and vim is

7 Ways To Truly Understand Your Target Audience

As a marketer or blogger, one of the most important factors to your success is how well you understand your target audience. They have all this data and metrics that give them data on their audience. They don’t, however, truly know their target audience. They don’t know what makes them tick. They don’t know what …
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Slack’n Go: Batch Presence Aware Bot

We shall create a Slack Bot in Go which aware of Batch Presence change event. Essentially we are going to build and run the example given here: This tutorial give a more detailed actions

Humcommerce Review: All-In-One eCommerce Analytics For WordPress

If you want your eCommerce store to be as successful as possible, you need to continuously optimize it to improve your conversion rate and your shoppers’ experiences. That requires data. You need to know how shoppers use your store so that you can find the weak spots in your funnel. Humcommerce is a tool that … Read moreHumcommerce Review: All-In-One eCommerce Analytics For WordPress

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Cloud Management Platform (CMP) – Intelligent Provisioning and Optimization

One of the main drivers of a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is to have the different solutions work together seamlessly.  That means the business, automation, compliance, operations, optimization, capacity, etc…  All these components need to work to provide you with a unified feel and flow.  Without that its really not much of a CMP…  its

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