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WordPress® Auto-Updates: Should You Use Them?

Open Source projects just like WordPress have empowered more than a billion people in order to have an online profile. One factor that plagues the Open Source community is hackers. The nature of Open Source and additionally its security transparency...

/ 12 January 2021

The Evolution of WordPress® Management with cPanel

cPanel & WHM® has introduced a radical new way to deal with WordPress sites. The Wp Toolkit (WPTK) empowers world-wide-web hosting providers and online site owners to install, protected, and configure multiple webpages in a single easy-to-use interface. This Toolkit...

/ 17 December 2020

WordPress® Hardening: One-Click Security with cPanel

WordPress is far together with away the most widely-used content management system regarding the web, but of which popularity comes at a price. It’s also the most attacked CMS. Certainly not because it’s un-secure, and yet because attackers know that...

/ 17 November 2020

Twenty Twenty Theme Review: Features, Pros & Cons, And More

Twenty Twenty released last November, so a theme review is long overdue. While it’s nothing overly groundbreaking, it does bring quite a few interesting features to the table. Besides an appealing minimalistic design that is. If you’re thinking of making...

/ 5 June 2020

Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Business in 2019

Are you planning your next website update? WordPress has hundreds of thousands of themes you can download for free. It can be hard to find the perfect one. You need something responsive, engaging, and easy to use. How do you...

/ 17 October 2018

Best Free and Paid WordPress Themes for Bloggers

The Internet plays a vital role in helping us share ideas, concepts, and a way to deliver our voice to a broader audience. For example, if you are a blogger, you can share how you feel about ‘French-cuisine’ or  ‘one-foot...

/ 5 October 2018