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Why Cryptocurrency Will Probably Not Substitute Real Money In The Nearest Future?

Well, because people have fear… we always fear the unknown, right?. And Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are still too complicated to be understood by the masses. Some time it is difficult to completely understand how they

Why Software Engineers Should Engage in Product Development

Introduction In previous parts of the “Consulting for Software Developers” series, we focused on earning the client’s trust and figuring out how to give them the best technical advice. Now, we will discuss how we,

5 Programming Languages Every Master Developer Should Learn

I have read somewhere that a programmer should learn a new programming language every year ( I think it’s code complete, not sure, though), but if you cannot do so, I suggest to at least

5 Constraints Currently Facing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain emerged as an exuberant financial opportunity with a price and speculation boom in late 2017 to early January 2018—mainly to due to overestimations of what the technology could do and what it needs solved.

Startup Lessons I’ve Learned This Week

Most insightful ideas I’ve learned about business, rationality, productivity, creativity, tech. Build a library of startup ideas “Build a visual library” is one of the most valuable design tips I’ve ever head. Great designers don’t try

What are Sidechains and Childchains?

Blockchain Basics Series (5 part series?—?PART 5) The common problems with conventional Blockchain network are scalability and Blockchain bloat. There is a need for new architecture to solve these issues. Sidechains enable developers to deploy

How can technology improve end-of-life and palliative care?

Lessons from a Technology + Palliative Care Brainstorm with doctors, chaplains, and palliative health experts at the University of Colorado Denver. Palliative care is a relatively new concept in the field of medicine. Historically, medicine has

Create an Enemy to Achieve Your Goals

DJ Khaled, the one-man internet meme, is known for warning his tens of millions of social media followers about a group of villains he calls “they.” “They don’t want you motivated. They don’t want you

How to Get Up to Speed on Any Subject

You have just a few days to learn everything there is to know about a subject you know nothing about. Now what? “Don’t boil the ocean,” Terry said as he slapped a tall stack of

One of the Best Valued Conferences in Tech

Conferences are expensive. Often, “upward of a thousand dollars” expensive. You’ve probably already read countless articles, emails, and social media posts from companies detailing the networking possibilities and learning opportunities guaranteed to those that attend their show. And while they’re mostly spot-on, few can provide the one-of-a-kind experience at the same value offered to attendees of cPanel Conference (and I’m not just saying that because I work for the company).

Don’t Let the Spotlight Effect Your Startup Goals

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Max Ogles, a writer and entrepreneur based in Utah. Connect with him on Twitter at @maxogles. In the beginning of 2010, when daily deals site Groupon was really

What You Don’t Know About Human Intuition Can Hurt You

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Francesca Gino, an associate professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the author of “ Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick