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Join The Club: The Growing Subscription Service Model

How a lot of subscription services are you currently subscribed to? Chances are, you have a great deal more than you  realize. Ongoing services have become the particular preferred model for virtual assets and have turned customers’ ownership and paying...

/ 30 December 2020

The Evolution of WordPress® Management with cPanel

cPanel & WHM® has introduced a radical new way to deal with WordPress sites. The Wp Toolkit (WPTK) empowers world-wide-web hosting providers and online site owners to install, protected, and configure multiple webpages in a single easy-to-use interface. This Toolkit...

/ 17 December 2020

Disaster Recovery And Why It Matters

Undead apocalypse. Random meteor drive. Electromagnetic pulse from the exact Sun. Or maybe basically a crashed hard push that has no data backup. But don’t forget volcanoes. Or vampires! These are usually just a few examples of things that could...

/ 10 December 2020

WordPress® Hardening: One-Click Security with cPanel

WordPress is far together with away the most widely-used content management system regarding the web, but of which popularity comes at a price. It’s also the most attacked CMS. Certainly not because it’s un-secure, and yet because attackers know that...

/ 17 November 2020

How to Use PHP-FPM with cPanel

PHP performance is an enduring issue for web hosts. PHP is the most widely used server programming language on the web by a big margin. The most popular content management systems and ecommerce applications are written in PHP, including WordPress®,...

/ 15 October 2020

3 Approaches for Using the Google Sheets API in Node.js: A Tutorial

After learning to code for the past year, I’ve recently found myself in the realm of asynchronous Javascript. Throughout the last few months, I’ve really struggled with this component of the language and have had to go over parts of...

/ 13 May 2019

Finding Programming Inspiration: Learning to Code and Launch in Months

“Upon reflection, the process of finally learning to code taught me one important thing: I was often my own biggest blocker.” My “Story” Four years ago: Sitting in a lecture hall learning about thermodynamics and pipe sizing. Three years ago:...

/ 29 April 2019

When Do You Become a Developer?

Over the past year I’ve taught myself to code. I’ve built and launched four web applications, taken courses from front-end to back-end, can work with APIs, and know what a Promise is. Yet for some reason, I still don’t feel...

/ 11 April 2019

You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job to Make

“I want to debunk the myth that originality requires extreme risk taking and persuade you that originals are actually far more ordinary than we realize.”?—?Adam Grant, Originals Edit: The response to this article has been amazing. In the first few...

/ 15 February 2019

The 7 Myths of Learning to Code

I recently gave a talk about learning to code products in less than a year. The talk was well-received and was even labelled the best talk of 2018 at the location it was given. ? Since it seemed to spark...

/ 25 January 2019

2018: A Year of Sponge

Quarter Life Crisis This year I turned 25. Last year I turned 24 and naturally saw this “quarter-century” milestone coming. So long as I survived the year, I would (and did) turn 25. It was the only semi-certain thing that...

/ 31 December 2018