The Easiest Way To Customize Bootstrap

Bootstrap 4 has a huge number of customization options that control nearly every aspect the framework – from major changes like the size of the grid, to tiny details such as the progress bar colors. Bootstrap’s customization is very flexible, but that also makes it quite difficult to use – it has over 500 SASS variables!

This is where Epic Boobtstrap comes in. It is a powerful web app that makes it possible to create beautiful Bootstrap themes without having to write a single line of scss or configure complicated build tools.

Variable Finder

The Bootstrap variables.scss file holds over 500 different customization options that might be a bit much when looking for that specific variable. Epic Bootstrap makes it super easy to find the variables you need. SImply select the element you want to customize and the app will filter variables related to that component.

There is also a search field for finding variables by their name. It shows results as you type and is super quick.

Advanced Controls And Live Preview

Epic Bootstrap offers advanced sliders, color pickers, and other inputs that help you find the perfect CSS value. The app has live preview, so you can see the changes you make in real time. If you don’t like a change you’ve made, there is a button for returning to the default value.

Download and Custom Build

Once you’re happy with your new Bootstrap theme you can simply download a minified CSS file that contains the entire framework plus all the changes you’ve made. Epic Bootstrap follows all the best practices for customizing Bootstrap 4 so the returned CSS is fully optimized.

More advanced Bootstrap users can also turn off specific parts of the framework that won’t be used. This will further reduce the size of the CSS file. You can also directly download a bootstrap.scss file if you want to build Bootstrap yourself.

Download Options

More Freebies

Epic Bootstrap is completely free! Simply head out to and start building your beautiful Bootstrap themes. The website has tons of other awesome Bootstrap freebies as well, including quick snippets and multi-page website templates.

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