How to Install Chromium Browser in Fedora 29

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Chromium is Google’s open-source fully functional web browser developed and maintained by The Chromium Project. It’s a widely used Web browser in the world and a vast majority of the code for the Google Chrome browser is supplies by the Chromium project. Although Chrome has the same user interface functionality as Chromium, but it changes the color scheme to the Google-branded one.

However, the two browsers have some differences, as indicated by their name and the following features of Google Chrome are not present in a default Chromium build:

  • Auto-update feature
  • Tracking mechanisms for usage and crash reports
  • API keys for some Google services
  • Integrated Adobe Flash Player
  • The Widevine digital rights management module
  • Licensed codecs for the popular H.264 video and AAC audio formats
  • Chrome Web Store

Note: A number of the above features can be enabled or manually added to a Chromium build, as done by many mainstream Linux distributions such as Fedora.

In this article, we will show how to install the Chromium web browser in Fedora 29 distribution.

Installing Chromium in Fedora 29

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Originally Chromium browser was only available through a COPR repository. However, now the package is freely available to install from the Fedora software repositories.

To install Chromium, you can use the Software tool in Fedora Workstation and search for chromium and then install the package.

Install Chromium from Software Tool in Fedora

Install Chromium from Software Tool in Fedora

Alternatively, you can use the following dnf command to install it as shown.

$ sudo dnf install chromium
Install Chromium in Fedora

Install Chromium in Fedora

Once the installation is complete, search for the app in the GNOME Shell or your desktop menu and click on it to launch it.

Running Chromium Browser on Fedora 29

Running Chromium Browser on Fedora 29

Upgrading Chromium in Fedora 29

You can upgrade chromium as an individual package using the following dnf command.

$ sudo dnf upgrade chromium
Upgrade Chromium in Fedora

Upgrade Chromium in Fedora

Chromium is a fully functional browser on its own and supplies the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser. If you have any questions or feedback, use the comment form below to share your thoughts with us.

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