WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in existence. In the digital age, more and more people are blogging about business, entertainment, news and more. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins, but there are a select few that are essential for successful blogging.

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Users can create a blog about any topic, but having a successful blog has to do with the plugins on the blog. WordPress plugins involving security, search engine optimization, theme, visuals, admin and more. The plugins in this list are top rated, high quality, fully affordable and highly customizable.

1) Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the top rated SEO plugin for WordPress, and it is completely user friendly that takes you through every step. The plugin is $79 for one website which includes one full year of updates and customer support including email, live chat, and phone support.

Yoast SEO checks how to optimize all keywords, previous social media posts, readability so the posts are not overly wordy or complicated, and adds a primary and secondary category to all of your posts. There is even a widget that allows the plugin to provide tips, and explanations for how and why to improve SEO.

2) Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is an all in one WordPress plugin that is essential to all WordPress blogs. This plugin includes security, design, marketing, and engagement for an affordable price. There is a free version, and a personal version for $39 yearly, premium version for $99 yearly, or the professional version for $299 yearly.

Some features over 100 free themes, unlimited file and image hosting, automated backups, downtime monitoring, spam filtering and malware scanning, social media posting, email and priority support, brute force attack attention, and ad network approval and third party payment options.

3) Blog Visual Widgets Plugin

The Blog Visual Widgets plugin has a pro version for $19 for one WordPress website and a business version for $39 for up to five websites. One full year of updates and support as also included. Features of the plugin include adding 5 sidebar widgets which you can fully customize. They are the dynamic cloud, the word cloud, single random post, color cloud, and bubble chart.

The five widgets show categories and tags in a unique and creative way. All of these widgets are also easy to implement and use thanks to a simple shortcode. This is an excellent plugin that also increases user engagement and user experience.

4) W3 Total Cache Plugin

Features of the W3 Total Cache plugin include cache control, caching statistics, accelerated mobile pages support, transparent content delivery network, improved conversion rates, and compatible with shared hosting. The plugin caches information to memory and disks.

This cache plugin actually improves the user experience of your website, reducing the download time on pages and increasing server performance overall. This cache plugin is incredibly highly rated because it increases SEO, site ranking, webpage performance, and increases visitor views.

5) Akismet Plugin

Spam can be a huge problem on websites. Akismet is an excellent anti-spam plugin, which filters out comment spam. This plugin also integrates easily with other top rated plugins like Jetpack. In addition, this plugin filters out dozens of comments a day so you don’t have to deal with them.

Akismet is also an affordable plugin, since there is a free plugin, as well as a personal version for $5 a month, and a business version for $50 a month. Support and updates are also included. Akismet is very simple to customize and use.


All of the WordPress plugins in this list are essential to creating and maintaining a successful WordPress blog. Making sure your WordPress blog is secure, spam-free, creative, and socially optimized are the keys to success, and these plugins are the best choices.

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