WPprosper: How to Harness the Power of NO

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Are you so busy you feel like you never get anything done?

The world may spin in constant motion, but you don’t have to. Despite the 24 hour/7 day-a-week cycle of news, entertainment, and noise, you can stop.

You can stop to smell the flowers.

You can stop to take a break.

You can stop to enjoy the quiet.

You can stop just to stop.

Alabama released the song, “I’m in a Hurry,” in 1992. It talks about how we are rushing around doing things until we miss out on life. 

The demands of the world and the people around us (and often the demands we put on ourselves) keeps us spinning until we are dizzy, exhausted, and ready to give up.

There is a simple answer to stop the constant rushing around. Just say no. 

It seems crazy that two letters can change your life, but N and O will provide you with more space, more time, and more focus when used properly. NO allows you to have balance for your life and for your business – which always makes the journey more enjoyable.

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Learning to Use the Power of No

It can be difficult, in the beginning, to use NO. You don’t want to be rude, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity. Start small. The more you practice, the more natural it becomes. 

Say NO to the Unresquested

Say NO to the offers you get to “add on,” to “upgrade,” or to “round up and give.” If a flat NO is too uncomfortable, try “No, thank you.” Anytime someone tries to get you to do more or different from what you planned, say no. The more you practice saying NO, the more natural it becomes.

If it’s something you may want to do, then do it later. Saying no now doesn’t prevent you from doing something extra down the road. But saying NO now will begin to empower you to say no down the road.

the Power of NO

Say NO to the Disrupters

Say NO to the offers that get in the way of your plan. When someone tries to get you to do something more, something extra, or something unspecified, then be okay with saying NO. If a flat NO is too uncomfortable, you can say NO to now but offer to pick it up at another time. Just make sure it fits into your plan before you agree to make it part of your day.

Say NO to the Distractors

Say NO to the things that turn your attention away from where you want to go or what you want to do. Just because you can watch television all-day, but it only deflects you from the more important things. Turn off the T.V. Turn off the notifications for social media. TURN OFF THE NEWS. Trust me, if something you have to know comes up, then you will hear about it.

TIP: Distractors are anything or anyone who may seem plausible but are actually the incorrect answer – not to be mistaken for a PROtractor which is often a beneficial tool to have when helping your teenager with math homework.

Say NO to the Disturbers

Say NO to the things that upset you. If someone brings up a topic that you know won’t lead to anything but annoyance, simply hold up your hand and shout “NO!” They will stop talking. If that’s a bit too abrupt for you (or if you’re talking to a parent or spouse and want to maintain the relationship), try something softer. “I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about that right now.”

Say NO to the Jobs of Others

Say NO to worrying about what others should do or what they are doing (but doing wrong). Trust me on this. If they haven’t asked you about it, then they don’t want your opinion – even if you have the greatest way in the world to fix it. 

Stop worrying about how to fix the things outside of your control. 

Stop worrying about how to get others to do things the way you think they need to be done.

Better yet, say no to worry all around.

NO is Not an Insult

You can say NO without being mean or insulting others. 

  • When something will hurt you, NO is the proper response. 
  • When something will take from your resources, NO is the proper response.
  • When something will keep you from your path, NO is the proper response.

The people who support and encourage your journey will understand the response, even if they don’t like it. Until you begin to say NO, you will be expected to bow and bend to the whims of those around you. 

Start now with NO and watch how to little letters will change your world. The power of NO is that it frees you up for the YES!

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the Power of NO

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