What Are Kadence Blocks: 5 Reasons to Use Kadence Blocks

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What are Kadence Blocks?

No, it’s not a new learning game for kids. It’s a WordPress plugin that will give you more design flexibility and freedom than you’ve ever had before.

Kadence Blocks add custom blocks and options that extend the editing capabilities of WordPress Gutenberg Editor. The sole purpose of Kadence Blocks is to help you create fully custom layouts and more engaging content for your users.

What Are Kadence Blocks?

“Kadence Blocks is like Gutenberg on steroids. Not only can you customize to the nth degree, but you can also customize based on viewer location (mobile, device, computer).” – Geoff Graham

The Kadence Blocks plugin was created to be an all-in-one toolkit that gives the WordPress block editor the capability of creating unique content that’s typically only possible by using page builder plugins. 

For one example, by using the Kadence Row Layout Block you’ll be able to better control your columns for the myriad of screen sizes that your website gets displayed on.

That’s incredibly important in today’s mobile world, where screen sizes widely vary, and you need your site to have a consistent look on all devices.

In addition, the Kadence Row Layout Block gives you full row editing tools, such as:

  • Backgrounds
  • Padding
  • Vertical-align
  • Overlays with gradients
  • And a lot more

But that’s just the beginning of what Kadence Blocks can do. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what Kadence Blocks is, how it runs, and why you should start using it to create more unique and engaging content.

What’s the Difference Between Kadence Blocks and Gutenberg Blocks?

Gutenberg is the official project name for the current version of the WordPress block editor. Gutenberg replaced the TinyMCE editor as its default editor back in the release of WordPress 5.0 in December of 2018.

Before the Gutenberg editor, skilled WordPress developers needed to use things like HTML and shortcodes to customize their layouts in the ways they needed. With the introduction of the Gutenberg Editor, these types of customizations immediately became a lot easier for WordPress site owners that were just starting to learn.

The Gutenberg Editor allows you to add content blocks and a page builder type of functionality into WordPress design. By using Gutenberg, users can add content as individual blocks rather than working with one huge content area.

Ultimately, the addition of the Gutenberg Editor into WordPress was intended to make designing websites on the WordPress platform just as easy as the much more simplistic page-building website platforms, such as Wix or Magento.

The Kadence Blocks plugin doubles down on this idea by drastically extending your design and editing capabilities with the Gutenberg Editor. Think of Kadence Blocks as a huge power-up for Gutenberg that there’s no reason you should be living without.

And it makes using Gutenberg more flexible than it’s ever been before.

Are Kadence Blocks Right For You?

Chances are, you’ve spent a decent amount of time using the Gutenberg block editor. And if so, you probably have the same experience that many WordPress site owners report: It’s quite limiting when it comes to designing your website layouts.

WARNING: If you’re still using the Classic Editor workaround, it’s time to accept the truth. Gutenberg is here to stay. Find your way to embrace the block editor. Kadence Blocks can help!

You probably found this especially true if you came from an environment where you were designing websites using pre-built page builders. If that’s you, you’re really going to enjoy using Kadence Blocks on WordPress.

Kadence Blocks will offer you a good amount of new blocks that will allow you to expand your ability to build flexible, unique, and dynamic web pages.

At this point, it sounds like the Kadence Blocks plugin is a premium plugin that will cost you some money.

But it’s 100% free.

And the free version has more than enough power to give you the ability to create web pages with highly complex layouts. You’ll also gain full control over your rows, columns, spacing, and a lot more. Kadence Blocks is a free plugin that provides you with customizable options for your designs. You’ll get more gravy with the pro version, but the free version is a powerful tool as well.

But there is also a Pro version of Kadence Blocks that will give you even more blocks and features that will help you build your perfect site. 

Get More Power with Pro

When you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll also have access to the following blocks:

  • Video pop-up Block
  • Product carousel Block
  • Split content Block
  • Image overlay Block
  • Post grid/carousel Block
  • Modal Block
  • On scroll animation

If your site requires these types of blocks, it’s definitely recommended that you upgrade to the Pro version.

Kadence Blocks also provides you with a selection of layouts that are pre-designed for you to choose from. Not only are these pre-loaded designs visually appealing, but they are created with the best design practices at the forefront.

You’ll also be able to edit nearly every single detail of any of the pre-designed site layouts.

The real power of Kadence Blocks can be found in the row layout block. This block gives you full control of your columns to account for the differences in screen sizes. It also provides editing tools for your rows, such as backgrounds, gradients, overlays, padding, vertical alignment, and more.

For many WordPress site owners and builders that have used the Kadence Blocks plugin, it’s become one of the few plugins that they immediately install on every new project they begin.

Who Is Using Kadence Blocks?

Currently, Kadence Blocks is being used by over 100,000 WordPress site owners to improve their design experience with the Gutenberg Editor.

It’s safe to say that 100,000 people is a solid sample size to determine if the engineers of Kadence Blocks created the plugin that they set out to create.

What is the verdict of these 100,000 Kadence Blocks users?

In the WordPress plugin repository, a quick review will show that the plugin is scored by its users at a perfect 5 stars out of 5. How many other plugins have you seen that have an average user rating of perfection?

But the reviews say even more.

For example, one reviewer actually stated that it is the “perfect plugin.”

Another said that “Gutenberg feels bare without it.”

Yet another reviewer states, “Absolutely BEST Block Plugin Available.”

And the glowing reviews of the plugin continue on and on. Check them out for yourself!

Key Features of Kadence Blocks

One of the features you’ll most enjoy about Kadence Blocks is their pre-loaded library. The designs you’ll find here are ultra-modern. They also allow you to build your pages very quickly, with only a few clicks.

After you’ve loaded everything you’re looking for from the pre-loaded library, you’ll have a plethora of options for row customizations. These allow you to make the design of your site 100% yours, and yours alone.

And that’s the real power of Kadence Blocks: the plugin gives you a well-designed library of preloaded designs to get you started. Then, it gives you more design features that allow you to create nearly any design you can imagine.

Row Customization

With Kadence Blocks, you’ll get more row customization options than you’ll probably ever use.

You’ll quickly and easily be able to change backgrounds with attributes such as:

  • Opacity
  • Overlays
  • Gradients

You’ll also find a wide range of different row dividers you can employ.

Advanced Heading

One of the annoyances of people who use block collection plugins is that they duplicate core blocks. In reality, there’s no reason why you need multiple blocks that are all doing the exact same thing.

This is even more true if you’re creating a site for a client. When you pass off the site for them to administrer, these duplicate blocks make it way too easy for them to add a wrong block.

That’s where the Advanced Heading block in Kadence Blocks comes into play.

The Advanced Heading block adds enhancements that could be added or built into the Heading block. 

One of its most useful features is the ability to use dual color headings. The specific feature is simply called “Highlight” within the Advanced Block. This feature can really help your heading stand out and get your point across to your users.

Lock and Key Access

Freelancers who build websites for clients love this feature of Kadence Blocks.

When you build a site for a client, you want to make sure the design and styles you used will be applied to the site from the moment you deliver the finished product to the client.

For example, you probably want to make sure that when you hand over the site to your client, if they’re planning on doing any site updates, you don’t need to answer questions about how to apply styles to their site.

With the Lock and Key Access feature of Kadence Blocks, your clients will be able to apply the correct style to your site without needing to reach out.

What Blocks Are Included In Kadence Blocks?

By now, no doubt you’re convinced to give Kadence Blocks a try for your WordPress site design needs. But you probably want to know what blocks come with the free version before you download and install it.

Here is the full list of blocks that come with the free Kadence Blocks Plugin:

  • Row Layout Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Tabs Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Info Box Block
  • Icon Block
  • Advanced Button Block
  • Spacer/Divider Block
  • Prebuilt Library
  • Editor Width Controls

As mentioned earlier, the Pro version also includes the following blocks:

  • Video pop-up Block
  • Product carousel Block
  • Split content Block
  • Image overlay Block
  • Post grid/carousel Block
  • Modal Block
  • On scroll animation

The cost of the Pro version is $59 per year, and also comes with premium support, use on as many sites as you’d like, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Kadence Blocks

If you’re doing any type of WordPress site design, whether it’s for your own project or a project for one of your clients, you really should take a close look at what Kadence Blocks can do.

Not only does it give you a lot more flexibility than using the Gutenberg Editor on its own, but it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

In fact, many users report that they achieve the exact design elements they’re looking for on their site within the first few minutes of using Kadence Blocks.

But if that isn’t enough reason to give the free plugin a try, here are five more reasons why you should use Kadence Blocks.

1. Your Time Is Valuable

Getting the perfect design using Gutenberg or other block editor plugins can take days of meticulous work.

With Kadence Blocks, you’ll be able to produce the perfect design often within minutes.

2. Customization Matters

In an online world where almost anyone can put up their own cookie-cutter site, it’s important to present your brand in a unique way.

You’ll be able to do this by using Kadence Blocks.

3. You’re Not a WordPress Development Expert

If you think that you need years of WordPress development experience to turn out a site design that’s fully customized to your needs, think again.

Kadence Blocks are as easy to use as any drag-and-drop page building tool, while giving you the ability to create designs that nobody else is using.

4. You are a WordPress Development Expert

While Kadence Blocks is the perfect tool for new WordPress users, it’s also a powerful tool for experienced developers that are looking to get the best possible design results with the least amount of time and effort.

5. 100,000 Users Love Kadence Blocks

Could 100,000 people all be onto something here? That’s how many users employ Kadence Blocks on their sites, and they’re returned a 5-star average user review.

Yes, we mentioned that before. But it bears repeating because it’s so rare in the world of WordPress plugins.

Give Kadence Blocks a Try Today

If you’re looking for the most seamless way to build a custom-designed WordPress site using the block editor, there’s no better solution than the Kadence Blocks plugin.

To unleash its full potential, consider pairing Kadence Blocks with the Kadence Theme. This is an absolute one-two punch or WordPress design power that is difficult to match with any other applications.

Download and install Kadence Blocks today for free, then start creating your site in exactly the way you envision.

What are Kadence Blocks

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