How do you create pillar connections for better business? It starts with who you hang out with. Did you know that you are most likely to emulate the five people who receive most of your time investment?

Relationships matter. They are the pillars of success on which you will build your success. If your pillars are wobbly, then your success will be as well. That’s why it’s important to be invested in the right people and in the right way.

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

She worked for months writing content for her website. Nobody came to visit. Apparently, the movie lied when it told her that if she would build it, then they would come.

She finally sat down and had a consultation with a business coach. “How can I get people to my website to read my words?”

“Who do you want reading your words?” the coach asked.

“Everyone, of course.”

“Of course, we all want everyone to be as invested in what we are doing as we are, but that’s never going to be the case. You need to specifically define who you are trying to reach before you can begin to reach them.”

Pillar Connections

Pillar Connection #1: Your Target Market

Are you building it with the hope they will come? Or have you taken time to define your target so you can reach out and build pillar connections with those specific people?

Relationships and connections are the pillars on which you build your success.

1. Who do you see when you are writing your content, building your product, or planning your event? 

Whether we mean to or not, we envision someone specific when we are putting things together. Run with that to define your target market. Use that one person to begin building the likes, dislikes, interests, habits – okay, basically, you’re profiling your person (but it’s for a good purpose).

2. Where do you find your target audience? 

You have to go to them to get them to come to you. If your target audience is a homeschool mother of five, she’s more likely to be at the playground than the opera. On the other hand, if your target is an opera singer, well, now she’s likely to be hanging around the opera or opera-related activities.

3. What are the problems your target encounters? 

Everyone has problems. As a business owner, it’s your job to find ways to mend the problems. You have to take time to learn what the problems are before you can begin to mend them. 

4. How will you address the problems of your target market?

You can either find ways to make what you already have work for the target, or you can find ways to modify your current products and content (let’s call this re-purposing), or you may have to create new products completely. Always be invested in finding ways to help your customers.

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You have to know who you are serving to serve. No matter how good your product or service, if there is nobody specific you can talk to, then you will have no customers to serve. Get detailed in defining your target. 

REMEMBER: Your target is only the starting point. How you engage with your target will have a ripple effect reaching even more people than originally defined. BUT you have to start with your target.

He wanted to build a successful construction business. Every week he met up with a group of men who talked about what didn’t work in their lives and how much worse it could get. They had been getting together since they were in school, and the gathering continued.

Before long, he gave up on building anything and began joining in the complaints.

The people you are around will have a profound effect on what you can or will do. If you hang around people focused on problems, you’ll see problems around every corner.

If you want to build up a successful business, you need to hang around people who are building successful businesses. Like seeds like.

Pillar Connection #2: Your Business Network

The next pillar connection you need to consider is your business network.

1. Who can you learn from in your industry? 

Although your journey will be unique, you can still learn from the experiences that have gone before you. Look around your industry (in your community and online) and make time to invest in connecting with these people. 

2. What events can you attend that feature business or entrepreneurial-minded people?

Chamber gatherings, conferences, or business breakfasts are all ideal ways to make local connections with others who are finding ways to build success.

3. What events can you attend that lean more to your industry? 

Find a weekend retreat or conference that is focused on your industry or is connected with your industry. Use the time to learn and connect.

HINT: If you can’t find a conference related to your industry, consider working with some of your connections to start one. Not only will you have the opportunity to connect at the event, but being an organizer puts you in a position of authority and expertise.

4. How can you help?

Building relationships and growing connections come back to a willingness to be invested in others. When you help, you are invested. 

No matter what you are building – online, brick and mortar, service-oriented, product-focused – it all comes back to relationships. You have to be invested in people. Your target market and your business connections define where you are going.

How will you be invested in these connection pillars?

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Pillar Connections

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