Have you ever wondered if you have the right stuff for business success?

People who consider stepping into an entrepreneurial position often consider if they have what they need to make it work. Sometimes it feels more comfortable staying in a secure position with a regular paycheck even when you aren’t so comfortable in that position.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is completely secure. Even traditionally sound companies struggled with the unusual circumstances 2020 threw at them.

The only thing you can truly count on is change. If you are counting on things remaining the same, you will be disappointed. No matter how well you plan or how prepared you think you may be, change is going to come.

The best news is that even with change constantly showing up, you can find your way in and through the change to create your path to success.

Right Stuff for Business Success with WPprosper

What does success mean in business?

Success in business means what you want it to mean. It is that simple and that challenging. 

It’s simple because you get to define what you want success to be. 

It’s challenging because the people around you – friends, family, mentors, society – they will all have an opinion about what success for you should look like.

When you take a moment to define success and then invest in setting down a firm foundation on that defined success, it will be easier for you to overcome or work through the demands they pour out over you.

Take a moment to picture what success looks like for your life. What would your day be like? What would you be doing? Get into the amount of income you’ll bring in or any other details that are relevant to your image of success. 

If you have a gaggle of theys flying around you, keep your success picture to yourself. If you have people around you that cheer you on (and if you don’t have those then you will need them to build your success), share with them what you have defined as being a success.

Can Anyone Have Business Success?

The short answer is yes and no. 

The long answer is that anyone can build business success if they gather the right stuff to make it happen. It’s not overnight, and it can’t even be handed down. No matter how much you start with or how little you begin with, you will have to make the investments to grow your business success.

If you aren’t willing to make the investments, then success will always elude you. Anyone can be successful in business – all they need is the right stuff.

The Right Stuff for Business Success

1. Have a Plan

A business venture without a plan is a money pit in the process of being dug. It’s like trying to figure out if your spaghetti is done by throwing noodles against the wall and seeing if it sticks. Sure, eventually you’ll know if it’s done, but along the way, you lose part of your dinner and you make a huge mess. If you had a plan (like directions on the side of the package) then you would be able to make better decisions about what, when, where, and how.

Every business needs a plan. 

Elements of a Solid Business Plan

  • Vision/Mission – have a summary of what you are doing and why you are doing.
  • Target market – know exactly (in as much detail as you can find) who the one ideal person is for your business.
  • Budget – know how much you will spend each day, week, month, and year. The more defined your budget, the easier it will be to monitor your progress.
  • Marketing outline – define how will you reach your target customer and how will you make money through the connection
  • Comparisons – look to see how the other people in your industry are moving forward. Seeing what they are doing and how you can improve on their processes will help you clear the path for business success.
  • Goals – the SMART goals webinar is a great place to start when it comes to determining where you are going with your business. 

This is just a rough outline of what you can put into your business plan. The more you prepare to reach your defined success the more you will be able to manage the unexpected twists and turns that will show up.

2. Be Organized

A business without organization is chaos pushing you towards the money pit dug out by lack of planning. Lack of planning can enhance disorganization. But even with a plan, you need to have well-defined systems for keeping track of things. 

Like many things in business, organization can be personalized. Some people will look for online tools, like Trello or CoSchedule (which offer ways to share statuses and make working as a time easier). Other people prefer pen and paper. No matter what way you prefer for organization, find your way and put it to work.

3. Get Connected 

 A business without connections is alone ship lost in the dark. We are designed to be in relationships with others that are going before and coming behind. Join business organizations, attend community events, and/or volunteer for events (WordCamps are not only a great way to connect with new people but they also offer amazing learning opportunities for WordPress-related topics). Be invested in developing relationships. Everything worth doing and worth being is founded on relationships. Being connected is essential to developing the right stuff for business success.

TIP: It’s not always the people others deem important that will make the difference for your journey. Be willing to connect with people at all points of their journey and be open to learning from each one of the connections.

4. Dare to Try

A business without daring and a willingness to risk will become stagnant. Stagnant anything is never a good thing. You have to be willing to try new things, new ways, or to pursue new ideas. 

WARNING: Change is inevitable

If you are going to keep growing, you have to keep learning. If you are going to keep learning, you have to be willing to try.

5. Eliminate Fear

A business tangled in fear never gets off the ground. Having a plan and being organized will reduce and even eliminate the space where fear can grow. Manage the risks by defining them and having a plan before they show up. 

HINT: Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Most of the things we fear are mirages we have conjured up in our minds.

6. Know When to Say When

A business that tries to do it all will never be exceptional at any of it. Do what you do best (and where you are unique). Reach out to others for help in their unique best.

7. Build a Budget

Yes, we’re going to say it again. A business without a financial plan is headed for financial disaster. Have a plan that includes working funds that will last for six months. If the last year has taught us anything it’s that anything can happen.

8. Define and Pursue the Important Things

A business that doesn’t define what’s important will expend all the resources on things that aren’t important. You’ll be busy, but not productive. You’ll be going but not getting anywhere. You’ll be doing but not doing what you need to do to reach your goals. 

Set one major goal for your business each day and get that done. If you have time or resources remaining after your reach that goal then you can tackle another one – or give yourself a break and celebrate reaching the one goal.

9. Be Invested in Others

A business unwilling to invest in others will shrivel up. We are designed for relationships and investing in others meets the relationship needs and feeds the heart of the business. 

This is the second level of connections mentioned above. You look for ways to be relentlessly helpful to, for, and with your connections and you begin to grow up relationships.

TIP: The more you invest in helping others achieve their goals the closer you will come to reaching yours.

10. Give Them Something to Talk About

A business without a way to be discovered will remain hidden. You have to talk about your business to others and you have to get others talking about your business. Ads can create a buzz, but there is a cost. Word of mouth is still the most effective force for being discovered. 

11. Plan to Succeed

A business without a vision for upscaling will be caught off guard when things take off. Have contingency plans for what you will do when the dam of opportunity breaks and new customers and possibilities begin to pour in.

12. Become Focused

A business without a focus is a business split in too many directions. Multi-tasking only means you aren’t getting anything done to the best of your ability. Get focused on your goal. Even better, get hyper-focused on YOUR defined success and the SMART goals you have set up to get you to where you want to be.

How Do You Succeed In Business?

You succeed in business by having a plan specific to your desired success. You believe in your ability to reach the end of your plan. You pursue your plan with hype-focus and intentional actions. You keep going until you get there.

You have the right stuff for business success. Now all you have to do is aim for the moon.

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Right Stuff for Business Success with WPprosper

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