Creative Ways to Be Excellent to One Another

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Motivation Quote: “Be excellent to one another.” – Bill and Ted

Be Excellent to one another

Do you treat others the way you want to be treated (or even better than you expect)? 

Society tells us to watch our backs and to take care of ourselves first. Popular music declares, “what have you done for me?” It can be easy to get so lost in self that we miss out on others.

When it comes to building success, the fastest way to your top is by helping as many people up to theirs as you possibly can. It’s not about what they have done for you lately, but about what you can do. 

Last week’s, WPprosper post focused on the power of saying NO. This post is about finding ways – even little ones – to say YES to being excellent to each other.

What does it mean to be excellent to one another?

Did you know June 9 is the unofficial “Bill and Ted” day? If you’ve seen the movie, you understand why the fans have claimed this day. Bill and Ted learn many lessons through their travels in the movie, the top one being the importance of being excellent to one another (closely followed by party on, but that’s another post for another day). 

Good news! If you missed out on celebrating the big day, it’s not too late. Everyday is a great day to find ways to be excellent to one another.

To be excellent requires a well-balanced approach to positive living and hope giving that drives future success. It’s about being a great value or use to others (and for others). Investing in others – in their encouragement, in their motivation, in their positive thinking – invests in you. You can’t give out excellence without some of sloshing out on you in the process.

Do you have to be kind to be excellent?

Kindness comes from a place of accepting others where they are instead of demanding they be exactly where you are to receive your appreciation, acceptance, or encouragement. They are not you (any more than you are they), so they will travel at their own pace and in their own path.

When we treat others with kindness and respect, we show respect to ourselves. Valuing others, values self. Every investment in encouragement to others will have a boomerang effect and encourage you. The more you show kindness the kinder you become (your heart grows three sizes).

Does being excellent mean putting yourself down?

It’s been said, “You can’t lift others up without putting yourself down.” 

Many years ago, the life-saving hold lifeguards were taught for rescuing drowning victims was changed. The new hold lifted up the victim out of the water. At the same time, it pushed many lifeguards under the water. It took more effort to get the victim to safety and exhausted the guard. 

It wasn’t long before the old way was reinstated. It allowed for the lifeguard to be able to say above the water, hold the victim above the water, and get them both to safety.

When you are lifting up others to the detrament of yourself, it will exhaust you and that’s never a good place to be. When you find ways to mutually lift up, then you will have the energy to keep going.

You won’t get there focusing only on you. The real truth about success is the only way to lift yourself up is by lifing up others.

Ways You Can Be Excellent to One Another

1. Let someone else go first.

It seems like a small thing, but it can be a big thing to others. When you know your task will take longer than others, let someone else go before you. When you know you have a little extra time in your schedule, let someone else get in line ahead of you. When you see someone frazzled behind you, let them go ahead. 

It may not seem like much to you, but letting others go first is definitely a way to be excellent to one another.

2. Take a moment to see someone.

A little time invested in noticing others will not only lift them up, but will continue to build a bridge of relationship with that person. Notice when someone does a good job. Especially notice when they go above and beyond the expectations. Notice when someone changes looks or has a particular “hitch in their giddy up.” 

NOTICE them and you will be one step closer to being excellent to one another.

TIP: Everything worth doing and worth having is founded on relationships.

3. Offer a smile. 

A smile is one of the most contagious and most powerful encouragements on the planet. A little smile goes a long way because it improves your mood, improves the mood of those it encounters, and others catch it and share meaning it’s impact is exponential.

4. Put a hand out.

Be willing (and able) to help others out where you can. It may be something as little as taking the cart from the lady in the car next to you so she doesn’t have to deal with it. It may be something as simple as paying the check of an unsuspecting family out at a restaurant. It may be something a bit more time consuming like mowing a neighbors yard (not because they asked but because you could). 

The more you look for ways to reach out and offer a hand, the more you will find ways to make it happen.

Creative ways to be excellent to one another

I read a story about a man who drove two counties to mow a yard. He said he did it because he read about how neighbors had filed a complaint against the homeowner – who was in the hospital dying. He didn’t get paid for mowing the yard. He didn’t even know the people involved in the situation. His heart went out to someone who needed help and he found a way to be excellent to that person in need.

How will you be excellent to the people around you. Take a look today. Everywhere you look, you’ll find that 9 out of 10 people need someone to be excellent to them. Most people will never tell you about those needs.

When you slow down and listen, take time to watch others, and find the space to be invested, you’ll be ready to be excellent to one another when the opportunities arise.

What will you do to be excellent to one another?

Challenge: Find one way this week to be excellent. Share a story or an image to inspire others to be excellent on their journey as well!

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Creative ways to be excellent to one another

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