PRM (Process Resource Monitoring) in Linux Servers

The great people from R-FX Networks are bringing us a number of powerfull tools for the Linux Server enviroment

PRM (Process Resource Monitoring) monitors the process table on a given system and matches process id’s with set resource limits in the config file or per-process based rules. Process id’s that match or exceed the set limits are logged and killed; includes e-mail alerts, kernel logging routine and more…


First  the package:

Extract it:

tar xvfz prm-current.tar.gz

The current version of prm as of this writing is 0.5, so lets cd to the 0.5 extracted path:
cd prm-0.5/

And finally run the enclosed script:

Download the current release of PRM distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE:

All projects on are free for use and distribution in accordance with the gnu gpl; funding for the continued development and research into this and other projects, is solely dependent on public contributions and donations.

R-FX Networks
Version History:

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