Update Prep: How to Test Your Software with the Upcoming Versions of cPanel & WHM

With the release of cPanel & WHM 11.36 on the horizon, how should Integrators test their software before it gets to the masses? Every time cPanel releases a new version of cPanel & WHM we get tickets that all seem to read, “cPanel broke my websites! I am losing money!” Often, the cause is a problem with a third-party application. We hate downtime, and like you, we want to give the customer the best experience …

Sync passwords between Mac and Android with KeePass

This is a very old post. These days I recommend using LastPass. It’s actually not too difficult to manage all your online passwords in such a way that you can… More »

Make Posting To WordPress As Easy As A Facebook Status Update

Make Posting To WordPress As Easy As A Facebook Status UpdateIn a Google+ community recently someone wanted to know how they could make posting to their WordPress blog as quick and easy as posting to Facebook or Google+. When you post a link on those social networks, all you have…

Colorful Futuristic Text Effect

This tutorial explains how to create a colorful futuristic looking text effect, using a couple of Layer Styles for multiple layers, and a simple brush.

Getting Creative with Custom Shapes

Working on a children’s book has given me the opportunity to deeply engage my imagination. Specifically, I’ve been dressing up animals with patterns. Doing so has allowed me to play around with custom shapes, layer styles, and blend modes. The process is incredibly fun! Today, I’d like to share some of the remarkable things I’ve learned using a toy rhinoceros as the subject.

An Introduction to the new cPanel Feature Requests System

http://features.cpanel.net We appreciate your interest in providing us with your valuable suggestions and feedback! The new cPanel Feature Request site was launched in October of 2012, and it is our intention with this new system to make the Feature Request submission and voting process more efficient for both the Community, and the cPanel Development teams. This new site aims to make the management of proposing, discussing, and implementing new Feature Requests, easier and …

How To Make a WordPress Test Site In 8 Small Steps

How To Make a WordPress Test Site In 8 Small StepsEvery time a new version of WordPress is released, some people will experience compatibility problems with their sites. These can be minor and easily resolved, or they can  be more tricky to diagnose. Either way, especially for non-developers, such problems…

Plastic Text Style

Using the Contour effect in layer styles, this tutorial will take you step-by-step through creating these plastic text styles.

WP 3.5 Is Out – Back Away From The Update Button!

WP 3.5 Is Out – Back Away From The Update Button!WordPress 3.5 AKA “Elvin” is out now. 3.5 features a wonderful new look for the media uploader, a clean new default theme and more. However, I DON’T recommend getting trigger-happy with the update button just yet. I’m hearing of a…

Media Library images missing in modal uploader

This is an interesting little WordPress problem, and I don’t think I’ve seen a solution posted elsewhere. On a couple of projects recently, I found that, while creating a custom… More »

Dynamic Frames

Show off your images and designs with this dynamic frame designed with Photoshop.

Updating the WordPress plugin repository with SVN on Mac

Having recently switched my development platform from Windows to Mac, and being a published WordPress plugin author, I needed to find a Mac-based replacement for the excellent Windows-based TortoiseSVN in… More »

Enhancing Your WordPress Gallery

Enhancing Your WordPress GalleryI’ve posted previously about the in-built gallery feature of WordPress,and some of the simple things you can do using the shortcode. With this post I wanted to share a few more tips and some apparently less well-known features such as…

Long Exposure Slap Zoom Effect

Zooming the lens during a long exposure produces an effect with beams of light and color rushing dramatically toward the subject. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to produce this effect in Photoshop using an image captured without long-exposure trickery.

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