Penetration Testing (commonly known as Pentesting) is a the art of finding vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks or websites/applications and attempting to exploit them, to determine whether attackers could exploit them.

There is no other operating system better than Kali Linux for performing penetration testing. It comes with all the best tools for pentesting as well as ethical hacking under different categories such as network penetration, password cracking, forensics tools and more.

Learning pentesting using Kali is not just a walk in the park, especially when it comes to mastering the advanced techniques and tools, however, with a little guidance from well documented instructions, it should be simple for even a beginner. And The Kali Linux 2: Windows Penetration Testing book will help you learn some of the advanced pentesting concepts and tools from the ground up.

This is a complete toolkit for learning penetration testing with easy to follow, well organized, step-by-step instructions and support images to help you install Kali Linux on your system or in a virtual environment, map and enumerate your Windows network, discover and exploit a number of common Windows network vulnerabilities and beyond.

You will learn how to break common password systems on Windows, debug and reverse-engineer Windows applications. It also teaches you, how to recover lost files, investigate successful hacks and uncover hidden data in normal files.

Furthermore, it also shows you how to gain network admin rights, and create backdoors on the network after your break through to allow for simple future operations. In addition, it helps you to learn, how to carry out web access exploits using tools such as websploit and more.

Master Window pentesting using Kali Linux and start on a journey to become a professional ethical hacker and pentester. Grab this toolkit today at 74% off or for as low as $10 on Tecmint Deals.

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