How can I get mailman and qrunner to not start by default?

How can I get mailman and qrunner to not start by default on my cPanel server ?
No one uses them and this is just eating up ram.

If you have disabled the MailMan option in WHM under Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> Mail section, you probably need to delete Mailman’s cron job which is installed and will keep running by default.

SSH into your account and issue:

crontab -u mailman -l

It probably will return a whole list of routines that are automatically run.

To delete mailman’s cron jobs, issue:

crontab -u mailman -r

To verify they are removed, you can reissue “crontab -u mailman -l” and it should return “no crontab for mailman”

I would then restart crond by issuing /etc/init.d/crond

Note that certain cPanel updates often re-install this cron job, so if you see it running again either through top (or in /var/log/cron), you’ll need to follow this procedure again.

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