Category: Design

Showcase of Colourful Designs Made With Overprint Effects

The overprint effect is a timeless art style that was traditionally created by manually printing two colours over the same area, but it is also commonly replicated in digital art, where the Multiply blending mode in art software can simulate...

/ 24 June 2019

My Favourite New Features of Adobe Photoshop in 2019

There have been some fantastic new feature additions to Adobe Photoshop since I began using it many years ago. It’s weird to imagine how we managed without tools like Smart Objects, the Healing Brush or Type on a Path. Veteran...

/ 26 April 2019

The Light Sides of Dark UIs. Benefits and Things You Need to Know

One of the primary responsibilities of a UI designer is to create both the look and the feel of a product. The initial design has to be appropriate and relative to the purpose of the product — its audience and...

/ 24 April 2019

AI & Fintech: Are these prone to cybersecurity threats?

With the improvement in technology, more and more players are joining the bandwagon to leverage it. One of the late entrants is the finance sector also referred to as fintech companies who use technology to offer their services. Off late,...

/ 24 April 2019

Showcase of Character Illustrations Inspired by 1930s Cartoons

The art style of early cartoons from the 1920s-1930s era is known as “Rubber Hose”. It refers to the bendy limbs of cartoon characters from Disney and Fleischer Studios, such as Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and early Mickey Mouse...

/ 22 April 2019

Avoid These 5 Web Design Mistakes to Improve Conversion Rate

Are you one of those who strives to get the desired conversion rate out of your website and unable to figure out what’s wrong? Well, your website’s design and optimization could be the actual culprit! No matter whether you are...

/ 19 April 2019

Popular YouTube Video Trends To Boost Your Online Visibility

We are currently living in an era that is facing constant digitalization. Most consumers are brought towards brands solely through digital media and content. One such form of digital content that is gaining great prominence is video. Surely content is...

/ 19 April 2019

You Are Creating For A Human: Here Is Some Advice

You should know who you’re creating for. Your user is not an abstract substance. Think of a person. Explore your customer persona as you’d like to explore the mind of your loved one. Discover his or her wants and habits....

/ 16 April 2019

Native vs. Hybrid App: Choosing the Best Solution in 2019

Mobile app development is all about making informed decisions. And prior to hiring a team of developers, you should take into account numerous factors to create a functional and cost-effective application. Many product owners wonder who wins in native app...

/ 15 April 2019

How Can You Start Your Freelance Career As A Web Designer?

Is it being difficult to wake up early? Is it getting boresome to commute to the same place every day? Are you not enjoying being bossed around? Is your creative aspect being killed by your team leader? If yes, you...

/ 12 April 2019

How To Make Your App Icon Stand Out: 5 Effective Tips

Are you about to embark on the adventure that is the design of your first ever app icon? Perhaps it’s high time to revisit the old saying not to judge a book by its cover. In the rapidly changing and...

/ 11 April 2019

How artificial intelligence will affect mobile application development

Today every person whether from a technical background or not is aware of Artificial Intelligence. It has been a hot topic of discussion for a few years now. It would not be a mistake to state that Artificial Intelligence is...

/ 10 April 2019