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Installing Exchange Jetstress without full installation media.

I believe in testing environments with applications that will be used in the infrastructure itself. Pure synthetic workloads, such as IOmeter, are useful to push hardware to their theoretical limit but that’s about it. Using

vSphere 5.5 vCenter server inventory 0

After logging into my brand spanking new vCenter 5.5 server I was treated with a vCenter server inventory count of 0. Interesting to say the least as I installed vCenter on a new windows 2008


VCDX defend clinic: Choosing between Multi-NIC vMotion and LBT

A new round of VCDX defenses will kickoff soon and I want to wish everyone that participates in the panel session good luck. Usually when VCDX panels are near, I receive questions on how to


My lab and the birth of the portable Ikea lack 19” datacenter rack

Currently topic about labs are hot and when meeting people at the VMUGs or other tech conferences, I get asked a lot about my lab configuration. I’m a big fan of labs and I think


Send F11 key to nested ESXi on Mac

I only use Mac at home, most of the time it’s great sometimes it’s not.For example when installing or configuring your remote lab. I have a windows server installed on a virtual machine that runs


vCPU configuration. Performance impact between virtual sockets and virtual cores?

A question that I frequently receive is if there is a difference in virtual machine performance if the virtual machine is created with multiple cores instead of selecting multiple sockets? Single core CPU VMware introduced


Only two days left to sign up for your VMworld speaker shirt!

During our advisory call with CloudPhysics, a great idea was born. Why not provide all the speakers at VMworld a cool speaker shirt? Unfortunately in 2011 VMworld made the decision to stop providing speaker shirts


Have you seen the new video introduction to PernixData?

I know PernixData FVP is cool, you know it’s cool, now how can you tell you all your friends and colleagues about it? Going around and telling them one by one doesn’t scale, just show


New Book Project: Tweet sized vSphere Design Considerations – Selection process

Just a quick update – this week we passed the deadline for Call of entries and have closed the form. Well over 400 design considerations were submitted and it’s now up to the judges to


Download the vSphere 4.1 and 5.0 clustering deepdive for free

Do you want a free Kindle copy of the vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Deepdive or the vSphere 5.0 Clustering Deepdive? Today and tommorow, Thursday June the 6th, you can download the Kindle (US Kindle