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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Nano Text Editor in Linux

Nano is a command line text editor, that comes preinstalled in almost every Linux distribution. It is often preferred by new users because of its simplicity, compared to other command line text editors such...

The Next Stage of Crypto: Source of Value

There’s a lot of talk revolving around Bitcoin’s transition from digital money to a store-of-value. The crypto market is dominated by speculators and money-making interests, which up to now has been the primary driver for

When Tech Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Historian Yuval Noah Harari and ethicist Tristan Harris discuss the future of artificial intelligence with WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson.

How to Fix “SSH Too Many Authentication Failures” Error

Sometimes, while trying to connect to remote systems via SSH, you may encounter the error “Received disconnect from x.x.x.x port 22:2: Too many authentication failures”. In this short article, I will explain how to...

Introduction to WebAssembly for the Uno Platform (Part 1)

WebAssembly, or Wasm for short, is a hot topic these days and for good reasons. It has lots of promise, and for the Uno Platform, it promises to open up the Web to other languages

BitTorrent’s Creator Wants to Build a Better Bitcoin

Bram Cohen is the founder of Chia, a cryptocurrency, and ledger protocol designed to attract banks.

How to Create and Use Alias Command in Linux

Linux users often need to use one command over and over again. Typing or copying the same command again and again reduces your productivity and distracts you from what you are actually doing. You...

Why Amazon Really Raised Its Minimum Wage to $15

The company didn’t act purely out of the goodness of its heart.

The Caraga Campaign

RootProject and Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions (GPSS) are exploring an innovative, blockchain-powered funding initiative for urgently needed reforestation on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Less than 3% of primary forest cover remains

New Firefox Focus comes with search suggestions, revamped visual design and an under-the-hood surprise for Android users

When we first launched Firefox Focus, we wanted to quickly deliver a streamlined private browsing experience for your mobile device. Since then, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many people use Focus for more than

From TED Talks to Snoo, 15 Histories of the Future

Get inside the heads of our editors: Here’s a crash course in the history of the WIRED world.

These Tech Companies Will Need More Women on Their Boards

A new California law requires more representation for women in the boardroom for companies like Apple and Facebook, but the law may face legal challenges.

Get Cisco Networking & Cloud Computing Certification Bundle

Are you aspiring for a professional career in network engineering and cloud computing? Do you want to acquire some of the in-demand technical skills for a high-paying job? If yes, the Cisco Networking &...

How We’re Designing a Better Virtual Machine than Ethereum and EOS

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a “quasi-turing complete” 256-bit virtual machine, one of the most important and integral components of the Ethereum network. As EVM smart contract development has gradually

Making web apps with Jupyter notebook

This article will explain how to make Jupiter notebook as a GUI app on the web. What is Jupiter notebook Jupiter notebook is browser-based REPL. REPL enables you to program in an interactive environment, you can

How to Use ‘fsck’ to Repair File System Errors in Linux

Filesystems are responsible for organizing how data is stored and recovered. One way or another, with time, filesystem may become corrupted and certain parts of it may not be accessible. If your filesystem develops...

California Governor Signs Nation’s Toughest Net Neutrality Law

The Justice Department immediately challenged the law, saying only the federal government can regulate broadband providers.

How to develop Android UI Component for React Native

In one of our project that we developed in React Native, we faced a problem. We wanted to use a video player with the text overlay. Though there are lots of implementation of video players

WordPress to Static Site Generator (Hugo) Migration and Deployment

TL;DR?—?This article will show you how to migrate a simple WordPress website to a static site generator (Hugo) and host it for free on either Netlify or GitHub Pages. GitHub Repository for this demo /

The Case Against Elon Musk Will Chill Innovation

Investors in Tesla and other Musk ventures should know that the CEO does not always hew to the literal truth.