Linux System Administration is a branch of Information technology that attracts a lots of Linux fans. System Administration job is well known to everyone. A Professional Linux System Administrator is responsible for reliable operation of System and Server in an organization. Network, OS and Hardware Installation, Application Installation and configuration,…. are just few tasks to name.

Linux Administration Guide Book

Download: Linux Administration Guide Book

To be good at Linux System Administrator, you must have sound knowledge of Linux System, its working and configuration. There is no any hard-and-fast definition but a good System Administrator ensures you have reliable and secure platform with fairly good backup and disaster management.

There are 100s of thousands of book there in the market and equal number of websites to provide you with information on how to be an effective Advanced Linux System Administrator but very few of them are really helpful which provides deep insight.

GNU/Linux advanced Administration by Remp Suppi Boldrito is one such book which is written in a way easy to understand. This 500+ page eBook is divided into 11 different modules, which presents information for beginners and gradually for Advanced users as we dive deep.

Divided into 7 units this book provides a balanced material for every Linux User. The topics in the book are categorized into Introduction, Migration and co-existence with non-Linux System, Basic Administration tools, Kernel, Local Administration, Network Administration, Server Administration, Data Administration, Security Administration, Configuration, tuning and optimization and last but not the least Clustering.

Moreover detailing on topics like Log analysis, Security tools, SELinux, FTP, DNS, SSH, Squid, IP Masquerade, Batch jobs and others makes it a good source of information on these most-common and most widely used services.

The author explained the concepts with proper diagrams so the learning process is not boring at all. Notes besides paragraph is not only interesting but also informative. The electronic version of book if written so that the contents fit on your mobile devices.

And the best part is our partner site, made this book available for you free of cost. Yes you heard it right, you can download this mammoth book containing 545 page free of cost. No credit card required to download.

Linux Administration Guide Book

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You have to register it only once, if you already registered no need to register again. The book download link will be sent to you on your email. This book will surely guide the newbies and power user may find it useful. So what are you waiting for! Grab your copy for free now.

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