Current UI Capabilities of VMware vCloud Director 9.5 in MindNode

As many of you may be aware, the conversion to HTML5 UI for VMware vCloud Director is a phased approach. With the release of vCD 9.5, this introduced additional H5 functionality for both the tenant and provider.

I’ve had prior requests on the “parity” of UI capabilities between the new H5 UI and the Flex UI. Well, I sat down with the UI team and created two Mind Maps that show the current state of the H5 UI inside of vCD 9.5.

Before I show these images, I’d like to discuss the process of UI development. This is not an easy task and takes a significant amount of time to develop. Why? Well, it’s not just about “converting” a function from vCD Flex to H5. What about re-thinking “how” operations are done in vCloud Director while focusing on making things easier for net new consumers? These decisions are not taken lightly and many internal employees, partners, and providers provide time and insight into future UI development decisions.

Next, I decided to build a legend that reviews the following:

  1. What’s available that was available in the Flex UI in some capacity – these are the blue lines
  2. What’s new to H5 UI that was not available in Flex – these are green
  3. Last, what’s still to come in a future version of vCD – these are gold

What I learned from this exercise is the amount of net-new items we see in the H5 UI that were not available (due to a new feature or an approach). This is quite exciting as they expose a lot of the recent work from our vCD development team.

Let’s start off with the Tenant UI capability – click on it to view the full graphic:

As I’ve stated in the past, the Tenant UI is “mostly” finished with a few last additions. What’s great about this view is the amount of net-new functionality – multi-site dashboard, browsing by VM’s, Role creation, etc.

As for the Provider UI, this is the next focus. We can see more “gold” here, especially under the System Settings.

Again, a lot of new capabilities like vRO integration, Access Control, and so forth.

I’d like to thank my peers and colleagues for the validation of these maps and hope this showcases the current UI capabilities inside of vCD 9.5. Below are the transparent PNGs if you need them. Thanks!


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