Become a Certified Pentester with Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Course

An Ethical Hacker is a person who assesses the security of computer systems, using various penetration testing techniques. While penetration testing (commonly known as pen testing) is the practice of testing a computer system, network or Web application to identify exploitable vulnerabilities before hackers are able to discover and exploit them.

The Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle will help you learn the fundamentals of penetration testing and guide you towards becoming a Certified Pentester to secure a company’s networks with 76 hours of training.

The training in this bundle will help you learn how to legally hack big name companies such as Facebook, Google, and PayPal and get paid for your pen tests. You will start with basic security fundamentals, and move to more advanced topics, thus preparing you to excel in the top-rated and globally-recognized CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

You’ll also learn how to use Kali Linux, which is the most popular pen testing operating system to enable you break into the world of professional pen testing. You’ll also study the basics of social engineering and go into advanced topics to be able to hack into all major operating systems.

Furthermore, you’ll study how to create different types of Trojans, and get them using smart social engineering techniques into target devices. It will also take you through comprehensive WiFi hacking skills and security and so much more.

What’s Included in this Course?

  • Bug Bounty: Web Hacking
  • CompTIA Security + Exam Preparation
  • Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux From A to Z
  • Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques
  • Learn Social Engineering From Scratch
  • Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch
  • Hands on, Interactive Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
  • Complete WiFi and Network Ethical Hacking Course 2017
  • Cyber Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed

Get paid generously to hack networks, apps, emails, social media accounts, and more with this Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle now at 96% off on Tecmint Deals.

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