45 Pirate Character Designs in a Diverse Range of Styles

Of all the genres and subjects, the topic of Pirates is where you’ll find one of the largest collections of character designs. Due to the popularity of the Pirates theme across movies, TV shows and games targeted at both children and adults, there’s such a diverse range of art styles, from friendly and colourful cartoons to gritty and realistic concepts. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 45 pirate character designs from a variety of artists, featuring stunning artwork across all disciplines, including vector illustrations, digital paintings and 3D modelling.

Pirate by Sergey Samuilov

Pirate by Sergey Samuilov

Waterloo Miss Fortune by Jennifer Wuestling

Shark-Man Captain by Dmitry Demin

The Black Spot by Jake Waddington

Gangplank, Saltwater Scourge by Victor Maury

Wild Sea Pirate by Eve Ventrue

Captain Fortune by Jason Chan

Pirate by Pedro Conti

Old Pirate Zombio by Driell Gomes

Pirate Candy by Eugene Pidhainyi

Francois L'Olonnaid Pirate by Jeremy Chong

Pirate Ryze by Mist XG

Monster Hunter by Greg Rutkowski

Just Another Pirate by Olga Starodubtseva

Pirate by Kim Junghun

Pirate by Rayner Alencar

Pirate Female by Lee Yong Hyun

Boris Billy Bones by Room 8 Studio

LeChuck by David Puerta Altes

Pirate by Elijah Akouri

Character Design by Grankovska Iana

Characters for Pirates Game by Anna Turkova

Captain Eel Red Beard by Nikolay Popov

Pirate Dad Character Design by Natalie Behle

Pirate Character Design by Natalie Behle

Ultimate Pirates by Grafit Studio

Artworks for GWENT Card Game by Grafit Studio

Land Ahoy, Captain by Simone Kruger

Pirate Character by Roman Dosyn

Pirate by Yusuf Artun

Captain Hook by Don Armadillo

BlackBeard by Andre Bittencourt

Game Characters by Nathan Walker

Pirate by Artua

Do ya have a reservation? by Nadia Valhof

Sea Dog by Tanya Karpo

She Pirate by Lalitya Lele

Commander by Artozi

Pirate by Murph3

Treasure of Pirate by Erlanarya

Pirate by Sidxartxa

Pirate Raja by Takaya

Brangwen Morgan by Bob Kehl

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