Zeepin Mainnet launch and the GalaBox Giveaway

Full disclosure: This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my personal opinion about the Zeepin project. You should always do your own research. I am part of “the article group” which rewards me for writing this article and supports me for ventilating my own personal opinion.

The creative industry is a growing economy. Figures showed that in 2016 the total UK creative economy was valued at 91 billion Dollars, while in 2010 the gross value was just over 61 billion Dollars. According to US figures, the creative economy was worth 763 billion Dollars in 2015 and it has, just like in the UK, seen a rise of about 40% between 1998 and 2015. There are no signs that the industry growth is put at a halt.

Currently the industry is facing some issues that can slow down the overall growth process. The various inefficiencies, like: copyright protection, scattered distribution and poor communication can abate the industry progress. Zeepin aims to fix this by creating a distributed creative new economy.

Zeepin has officially launched its project at the beginning of this year. They have been working on developing the Zeepin Chain that will function as a decentralized public blockchain and allows developers to create and launch dApps on the Zeepin Chain.

The Zeepin team has already been developing several dApps for their native chain. The ZeeWallet has already been launched and is compatible with other dApps developed on the Zeepin Chain. Currently the team is working hard on developing the following dApps: ZeeRights, which will focus on protecting artists and their ideas by registration copyrights on the blockchain; ZeeSure, which will enable artists to insure their assets; and ZeeProof, which will verify copyrights.

The 31st of August is the day Zeepin will officially launch its mainnet. The launch is the result of months of hard work and dedication from the Zeepin team. Zeepin has launched its ZPT token on the NEO network. After its mainnet launch all originally released ZPT will be swapped for mainchain ZPT tokens. Tokens that are locked in a wallet do not need to be swapped.

The new creative economy, needs to process and store a lot of data. To empower Zeepin’s development and to facilitate data processing and storage, Zeepin has introduced GalaCloud. As a decentralized data storage cloud, GalaCloud will release GALA tokens as an incentive for users that host nodes and for users that mine GALA tokens with their GalaBox mining and storage device.

Community members that own more than 400,000 ZPT can participate and become a GalaHub node. The GalaHub selection process is in full swing and you still have around 12 days to participate (at the time of writing this article). ZPT will be locked for 18 months and during that time you will be able to earn a passive income from the GALA rewards that are distributed among GalaHub owners weekly. Each week, 20% of the total GALA cloud fees will be distributed to GalaHub owners. In addition, the Zeepin Foundation will compensate GalaHub owners with ten times the amount of locked ZPT to be distributed to nodes in the form of GALA tokens, which will be disbursed on a monthly basis. The Zeepin foundation is looking for 49 people to become GalaHub owners. Registration can be done, through this link: https://galacloud.io/#/index/galaHubIntroduction.

If you are interested in obtaining a GalaBox you can participate in the following giveaway. Zeepin is giving away a total of 10,000 GalaBoxes to Zeepin holders who are willing to lock up 5,250 ZPT or 5,500 ZPT (depending on the distribution phase they participate in). The first phase of the giveaway has successfully concluded, with 195 participants that locked up 4,990 ZPT in exchange for a GalaBox. All locked-up ZPT will be released to their owners after 18 months in native Zeepin Chain token.

You can still participate in phase 2 or 3. The second phase will start at the 16th of August and will run until the 20th. GalaBoxes are expected to be shipped out to their new owners in the first quarter of 2019.

If you have always wanted to name your own planet, now is your chance. The Zeepin team created this new dApp called CryptoGalaxy, which is fueled by the GALA token. Users of this first virtual universe powered by blockchain can explore the Galaxy, mine planets for minerals and convert them into GALA.

To celebrate the launch of this dApp, Zeepin will be giving away 150,000 GALA each day to CryptoGalaxy users that hold ZPT in their CryptoGalaxy wallet. The promotion will run from the 10th of August until the 31st of December. The team will continue to develop new features for CryptoGalaxy. If you would like to know more about CryptoGalaxy you can visit their website and you can download a beginner tutorial, here.

With the launch of their mainnet, the introduction of GalaCloud and the development of the gaming dApp, CryptoGalaxy, Zeepin is showing steady growth. The addition of new features to their project complements their main Zeepin Chain. Also, the addition of the GalaCloud will give a new dimension to the original Zeepin chain. Because of the recent news, mainnet release and the GalaBox giveaway, ZPT doesn’t seem to have been hit as hard as other altcoins in terms of price development. Only time will tell whether or not this project will continue to provide the community with new innovative features. By doing the research on this project for my article, Zeepin is definitely on my radar as a project to keep an eye on and perhaps invest in. To give a full disclosure, I have participated in the ICO; but I no longer hold any ZPT tokens at the moment of writing this article.

Media channels

Zeepin website: https://www.zeepin.io/

GalaCloud website: https://galacloud.io/#/index/galaCloud

Cryptogalaxy website: https://cryptogalaxy.one

Zeepin telegram: https://t.me/zeepin

Zeepin Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeepinChain

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