Your Favourite Cartoon Characters Reimagined By Graphic Artists

When Graphic Artists have the creative freedom to choose the subject of their personal projects, they often base their work on pop culture interests. Childhood cartoons were a source of early inspiration for many artists, so producing fan art of their favourite characters in their own style, or completely reimagining iconic figures in new and unique ways is a great way to practise and experiment while producing work that can be appreciated by other like-minded people with the same interests. In today’s inspiration showcase I present a variety of reimagined cartoon characters by some really talented artists, ranging from realistic depictions of heroes, princesses and villains, to surreal reincarnations that are the stuff of nightmares!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast by Jirka Vaatainen

Nakoma from Pocahontas by Jirka Vaatainen

Cinderella by Jirka Vaatainen

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan by Jirka Vaatainen

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians by Jirka Vaatainen

Jafar by Aladdin by Jirka Vaatainen

Aladdin by Jirka Vaatainen

Prince Eric by Jirka Vaatainen

Modern Elsa by Fernanda Suarez

Modern Tinkerbell by Fernanda Suarez

Modern Esmeralda by Fernanda Suarez

Modern Alice by Fernanda Suarez

Modern Aurora by Fernanda Suarez

Snow White by Isabelle Staub

Cinderella by Isabelle Staub

Ariel by Isabelle Staub

Pocahontas by Isabelle Staub

Belle by Isabelle Staub

Tiana by Isabelle Staub

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania by Tatimoons

Grown Up Elsa from Frozen by Tatimoons

Popeye At The Helm by Lee Romao

The Streets by Dan LuVisi

Goofy, King of Meat by Dan LuVisi

Minnie, The Meat Queen by Dan LuVisi

Mickey, Prince of Darkness by Dan LuVisi

Homer Simpson by Miguel Vasquez

Best Friends Forever by Miguel Vasquez

Goofy by Wil Hughes

Mickey Mouse by Wil Hughes

Mario by Wil Hughes

Peter Griffin by Wil Hughes

Homer Simpson by Wil Hughes

Stimpy by Wil Hughes

Homer Simpson Untooned by Pixeloo

Super Real Mario World by Pixeloo

Mr. Burns Real by MataleoneRJ

Butt-Head Real by MataleoneRJ

Peter Griffin Reality Cartoon by Rene Walter

Krusty The Clown Reality Cartoon by Rene Walter

Mr. Burns Reality Cartoon by Rene Walter

Grampa Simpson Reality Cartoon by Rene Walter

Squidward Tentacles by Habibity Nickerson

Fry From Futurama by Miguel Miranda

Professor Farnsworth 3D by Miguel Miranda

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