In this post, we recap the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 30 days on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

1. Disable Emails

Disable Emails

Stop a WordPress website from sending any emails using the standard wp_mail() function. No emails will be sent, not even for password resets or administrator notifications.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Incredibly helpful if you’re building a new site or troubleshooting an existing one.
  • If you’ve ever accidentally emailed all a site’s users while fixing a problem, you’ll know immediately how important this plugin is.
  • Allows plugins to “think” they’ve sent email and log it as sent.
  • Also makes accommodation for plugins like BuddyPress and Events Manager which use email functions outside the WordPress core.

2. Customizer Search

Customizer Search

Using a theme powered by the WordPress Customizer? Then you will love this plugin. Save the time and frustration finding options. Simply search for the setting you’re looking for and get there instantly. Works with all WordPress themes.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Remembering where a theme has buried certain settings in the customizer can be a challenge.
  • This plugin adds a search feature to immediately return matches for what you’re looking for right in the customizer interface.
  • From Brainstorm Force, the makers of the Astra theme.

3. Comments Like Dislike

Customizer Search

Comments Like Dislike is the Free WordPress Plugin to enable Like and Dislike Icons for default WordPress Comments. Choose Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, Smiley or Frown, Right or Wrong icons or your own custom like dislike icons, choice is yours.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Nice addition to a site with interactive content.
  • Allow users to express their approval or disapproval of each comment.
  • Has a few different templates for how it can look, or define your own.

4. All In The Title

All In The Title

Quickly save blog post titles for inspiration and later use, without clogging up your database with drafts. All In The Title adds a widget to the Dashboard that can be used to store great blog post ideas; the ones that first exist as just a title in your mind, before they get fleshed out into fantastic blog posts.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A smart and simple idea to capture blog post ideas for future writing.
  • Choose to keep the title hidden from other users if you desire.
  • One click opens a new post with the title in place.

5. Syntax Highlighting – Honey Code This Month’s Featured Gutenberg Block Plugin #1

Syntax Highlighting – Honey Code

Honey Code is a Gutenberg Syntax Highlighter Block. Syntax Highlighting in Gutenberg Post/Page Editor. Honey Themes that support Fira Code/iScript Font. Other great themes for Syntax Highlighting and more coming!

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Easy to use Gutenberg block for adding code snippets to your website.
  • A handful of visual themes to choose from.

6. Gutenberg Blocks and Templates Collection This Month’s Featured Gutenberg Block Plugin #2

Ghost Kit – Gutenberg Blocks and Templates Collection

Ghost Kit is a blocks collection, powerful extensions and templates for Gutenberg block editor. With this collection, you will gain more control over content just like with popular page builders.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Maybe the best collection of blocks yet.
  • Designed for Ghost premium themes, but will work with any theme. You may just need to do a little CSS here and there.
  • Also includes some nifty extensions for adding padding and margin, display on screen sizes and scroll animations.

7. Disable Gutenberg Blocks – Block Manager This Month’s Featured Gutenberg Block Plugin #3

Disable Gutenberg Blocks – Block Manager

The Gutenberg Block inserter can quickly become cluttered. There are currently over 200 free blocks available, in addition to the 34 core blocks. This plugin allows you to disable the blocks you or your clients don’t need.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • This is a must-have if you start using several block kits on a site running Gutenberg.
  • Allow just the blocks you want from various block plugins.

8. Hide Backed Notices This Month’s Plugin to Watch

Hide Backend Notices

Do you know the situation, when some plugin offers you to update to premium, to collect technical data and shows many annoying notices? Our team was tired of this, and we developed a small plugin that solves problems with annoying notices. With this plugin, you can turn off notices forever individually for themes, plugins and the WordPress itself.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Works very well to turn off annoying admin messages, but some admin messages you’ll want though.
  • Doesn’t allow you to specify which plugins’ notices are hidden.
  • Mentions a collection point for warnings in the admin bar, but I haven’t been able to find it.

9. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce This Month’s Featured WooCommerce Add-on

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Add shipment tracking information to your WooCommerce orders and provide your customers with an easy way to track their orders. This plugin provides a list of 100+ Shipping Providers and you can also add your own custom providers.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Makes the sending of order tracking information to customers simple.
  • Choose from a large number of shipping providers.
  • In my opinion, functionality that should be included in WooCommerce core.

10. WpRedesigned – Beautiful Custom Admin Theme This Month’s Good Idea or Bad Ideal Plugin

WpRedesigned – Beautiful Custom Admin Theme

Beautify your WordPress admin. No settings just activate and enjoy a fresh WordPress admin experience!

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A new skin for the WordPress admin area that isn’t hideous.
  • What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

11. Smart Recent Posts Widget

Smart Recent Posts Widget

Smart recent posts widget provides flexible and highly customizable recent posts widget. Allows you to display a list of the most recent posts with thumbnail, excerpt, date, author, comment count also you can display it from all or specific or multiple categories or tags, post types and much more!

Nathan’s Notes:

  • Nice widget that offers some powerful options to display recent posts.
  • Note, image size is constrained by CSS in the Appearance tab of each widget by default.

12. T(-) Countdown

T(-) Countdown

T(-) Countdown is a customizable countdown timer that can display years (optional), months (optional), weeks (optional), days, hours and seconds. This plugin is the next generation of T(-) Countdown Widget. Note: a dedicated sidebar widget is not included as shortcodes can now be used in most sidebars.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A nice countdown timer for your website.
  • Has a variety of styles and can be placed by shortcode or widget.
  • Documentation is here.
  • Styles can be previewed on the plugin page.

13. Tip Jar WP

Tip Jar WP

Tip Jar WP is made for creators, artists, teachers, service providers, and more. It gives an extremely simple and affordable way to accept tips on your WordPress website. On the cutting edge of payment technologies through the power of Stripe, you can accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, standard credit cards, and more with a beautiful and responsively designed payment form.

Nathan’s Notes:

  • A very simple way to allow people to support your work. Could be very useful for nonprofit donations as well.
  • Requires the use of Stripe.
  • Place form with shortcode [tipjarwp] or button with shortcode [tipjarwp mode="button"]
  • One of the best setup wizards I’ve ever seen.
  • More info here: Tip Jar WP


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