WordPress Infographic – The World Of WordPress 2018

We put together an infographic about the current state of WordPress. WordPress now powers over 26% of all websites on the internet. This infographic is backed with a lot of data and famous quotes from the creators of the most popular CMS package! If you find it worthy, please share!

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By Mark Gavalda Updated on January 19, 2018

The world of WordPress as we call it is constantly changing and growing. More and more businesses, enterprises, and bloggers are using WordPress to power their websites every day. Check out some of the stats below.

wordpress infographic

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The World of WordPress Infographic

  • 29.3% of all websites are powered by WordPress
  • 60 % content management system market share
  • 49% of the world’s population uses internet, still huge growth potential
  • 60 million+ downloads in a year
  • WordPress 4 is used by 23.5% of all websites
  • As of September 2016, WordPress 4.6 has 7,890,197 downloads and counting
  • The most popular version of WordPress is still version 4.5 with 44.9%
  • There are more than 994 free plugins available with social options
  • More than 2,590 websites use WordPress CMS from the most popular 10,000 websites in September 2016
  • 3,874 commits made by the top 30 contributors between September 05, 2015 and September 05, 2016
  • 275 contributors worked on WordPress 4.0
  • 2,245 commits made by the top contributor since 2003
  • Since 2003, over 180 stable releases of WordPress have been released
  • More than 2,242 free themes available for download from WordPress.org
  • 46,513 plugins on the repository
  • 1,729,537,989 downloads and counting

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