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Teen cannibals, ghosts, killer cults, evil puppets and tentacled sea creatures. Watch these unusual scary films and TV shows, streaming now, to get your spook on.

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Apostle (2018)

Consider celebrating Halloween this year by watching overlooked horror movies featuring teenage cannibals, ghosts, killer cults, evil puppets, tentacled sea creatures and Nazi zombies. We sure hope you like nightmares.

Apostle stars Dan Stevens as a troubled man in the early 1900s who travels to a remote island incognito to rescue his sister, who was kidnapped by a sadistic religious cult. The first part of the movie is a slow-burn mystery, but by the second half the story turns into a crazy bloodbath full of mythology and murder. 

Available on Netflix.

Watch the trailer.

Update, Oct. 30 2018: Adds more new movies and TV shows. 
Update, Oct. 29, 2016: Adds new movies and TV shows. 
First published Oct. 30, 2015. 

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