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Tmate – Securely Share SSH Terminal Session with Linux Users

tmate is a clone of tmux (terminal multiplexer) that provides a secure, instant and easy-to-use terminal sharing solution over an SSH connection. It is built on top of tmux; you can run both terminal emulators on the same system. You...

/ January 3, 2019

DCP – Transfer Files Between Linux Hosts Using Peer-to-Peer Network

People often need to copy or share files over the network. Many of us are used to using tools such as rsync or scp to transfer files between machines. In this tutorial, we are going to review another tool that...

/ January 1, 2019

SCP Command – Moving large files from one linux server to your new linux server

Ok, so you like to move your 3 gig backup from your old server to your new server, but the the good old wget command is not doing the trick? There is an easy way around with the scp command

/ January 26, 2009

Installing SSH public key for extra security on your Linux server – SSH Key

SSH Key Tutorial Log into SSH mkdir $HOME/.ssh chmod -R og= $HOME/.ssh cd .ssh nano authorized_keys2 Add your key you created with PuttyGen , make absolutely sure your key is in one line ONLY , otherwise it wont work! Adjust...

/ June 21, 2008