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10 OOP Design Principles Every Programmer Should Know

The Object-Oriented Design Principles are the core of OOP programming, but I have seen most of the Java programmers chasing design patterns like Singleton pattern, Decorator pattern, or Observer pattern, and not putting enough attention on learning Object-oriented analysis and design....

/ 5 May 2019

3 Main Reasons Why Businesses Fail with Software Outsourcing

The explosive growth of technology over the last decade has increased the need to deliver smart products through increasingly economical means. Therefore a growing number of buyers consider software outsourcing as an efficient way of embracing new technologies and ensuring...

/ 22 December 2018

Is a Dedicated Team Model Right for You?

There are two major ways to cooperate with a software or hardware development company: a dedicated team or a fixed-cost project. The dedicated team model suggests that your scope and project duration might change. Therefore, the total cost of the...

/ 8 December 2018

What does it take to make your own blockchain explorer?

Even though the bear market is quite strong lately and there may not be much interest in the space, this is still arguably a great time to build new and cool things that may or may not be useful in...

/ 7 December 2018

How to avoid a Deadlock while writing Concurrent Programs?—?Java Example

Multithreading and Parallel Computing in Java Hello guys, do you want to learn how to avoid deadlock while writing concurrent programs, especially in Java? Writing correct concurrent application is never easy as you have to deal with several concurrency issues like...

/ 4 December 2018

10 Reasons to Learn Scala and Functional Programming

Why learn Scala? One of the questions my readers often ask me is, “Should Java developers learn Scala? Does Scala have a better future than Java? Why should Java developers learn Scala,” and so on? Well, there can be many reasons...

/ 21 November 2018

Stop measuring R&D planning VS execution. Start measuring team velocity

Most of you know me as a product person, but in the past year-and-a-half, I’ve been leading our R&D team @Bizzabo. Since taking the lead, I’ve searched for the best way to measure R&D team performance in a way that...

/ 14 November 2018

Why Software Engineers Should Engage in Product Development

Introduction In previous parts of the “Consulting for Software Developers” series, we focused on earning the client’s trust and figuring out how to give them the best technical advice. Now, we will discuss how we, Software Developers, can have an...

/ 13 November 2018

5 Programming Languages Every Master Developer Should Learn

I have read somewhere that a programmer should learn a new programming language every year ( I think it’s code complete, not sure, though), but if you cannot do so, I suggest to at least learn following five programming language...

/ 18 October 2018

How I introduced an information radiator to my distributed Scrum teams

Remote developer Companies are increasingly hiring remote engineers to battle the talent shortage. Having been an engineering VP for the past 8 years, I can attest to this first hand. Almost every team I’ve worked with had one or more...

/ 8 October 2018

Top 5 React-Native Courses for Mobile Application Developers

“person holding silver iPhone 6” by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash If you are a web developer who wants to go into the massive world of mobile app development but don’t want to spend time learning Java or Kotlin for Android development,...

/ 18 September 2018

10 Free Courses to Learn Docker for Programmers and DevOps Engineers

“stack of cargo trailer” by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash As the software development is moving towards automation, a good knowledge and experience about the Docker could be very valuable for your career, especially in 2018. The latest stats and figures show...

/ 16 September 2018