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Finding Top Talent: Stop Looking Inside a Box for People Thinking Outside of One

When you’re looking for innovative and action-driven talent, why not open your doors up to people that have already pioneered their own lives? I was recently contacted about an opportunity. On many levels, this opportunity

A New Age: Finding Non-Tech Remote Jobs

Almost 40 years since the Internet was born, we’ve learned to develop a completely new world. One of more recent developments that has emerged from this connected community is the way our societies have learned


Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams: A Psychological Perspective

It’s 2019 and it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. Each year, more individuals are opting to work remotely and more organizations are opening their minds to this trend. Countless remote trends and


The Guide to Remote Work That Isn’t Trying to Sell You Anything

Remote Work ? It’s no secret that both the size and scope of remote work has increased significantly over the past decade. With companies like Buffer, Basecamp, Automattic, Toptal, and Mozilla living as proof that


2018: A Year of Sponge

Quarter Life Crisis This year I turned 25. Last year I turned 24 and naturally saw this “quarter-century” milestone coming. So long as I survived the year, I would (and did) turn 25. It was


The Minimalist-ish Digital Nomad Packing List

There’s a lot of articles on the internet. There’s an especially high number of packing lists, ensuring in exact detail that you forget nothing on your next upcoming trip. This supply of lists, of course,