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Building a Reusable Front-end Development Project using Webpack and Tailwind CSS

One of the areas that a web developer will spend the most time learning is a build system or process to streamline their directory own local development process. When I first started working with task runners I was using Grunt...

/ 14 September 2019

Push notification engagement naturally degrades over time

So, why do readers lose interest? Readers lose the ‘novelty of the notification’. New colors, new branding, and a new set of notifications initially stimulate the dopamine response of users. However, once these notifications become familiar, the effect is reduced....

/ 12 March 2019

BuzzFeed News employees vote to unionize

Shortly after BuzzFeed News employees revealed that they had voted to unionize, its editor-in-chief said the company wants to meet with them to discuss voluntarily recognition. Employees announced today that they are organizing as BuzzFeed News Union under the NewsGuild...

/ 13 February 2019