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Let’s Talk AutoSSL- The Updates!

One of the more popular topics talked about amongst the cPanel Community is AutoSSL, a tool that automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates for cPanel services and users’ websites. Since we haven’t touched on AutoSSL on our blog for a bit, some of the recent changes...

/ 24 April 2019

Brace Yourselves, NGINX is Coming

Arguably, one of the most requested and popular feature requests submitted for cPanel & WHM has been the addition of the NGINX web server as an alternative to Apache. We have good news for those of you that have been asking: NGINX...

/ 19 April 2019

Force HTTPS Redirection

We’ve talked about SSL (secure socket layer) certificates both on the cPanel blog and at the 2018 cPanel Conference in Houston, Tx as well as many other avenues at length. The importance of having an SSL for services and websites...

/ 17 April 2019

We Came, We Saw, We cPanel’d

Outside the main entrance of CloudFest 2019- The .COM Dome Another CloudFest Conference is in the books for the cPanel Team! This year we attended the conference over four days in Europa Park right in the heart of Rust, Germany....

/ 3 April 2019

The cPanel Mail Server – cPanel Eats Its Own Dog Food

“Eating your own dog food” is a popular practice amongst companies where the employees are encouraged, and often do, use their own product in real life scenarios. The phrase “eating your own dog food” was purported to have been coined...

/ 22 March 2019

Announcing ImunifyAV on all cPanel & WHM Servers!

In 2018, cPanel, with their longterm partner CloudLinux, began offering Imunify360 as a featured security product. With cPanel & WHM Version s82 or 84, we are integrating ImunifyAV into all cPanel & WHM servers. Imunify360 is a product set from...

/ 20 March 2019

Upgrading MySQL or MariaDB

cPanel & WHM Version 80 will not support MySQL 5.5, and updates to cPanel & WHM Version 80 will be blocked for any server still running MySQL 5.5. We are also blocking updates for any cPanel & WHM servers that...

/ 15 March 2019

Introducing cPanel Analytics

As a part of an ongoing initiative to improve user experience in our product, in cPanel & WHM Version 78 we introduced cPanel Analytics. This functionality is intentionally built with ease of use and privacy in mind. It provides us with...

/ 13 March 2019

Securing Exim for your Hosting Environment

Exim (Experimental Internal Mailer) is a mail transfer agent known for being a general and flexible mailer, with many tools for checking incoming email. Created in 1995 by Philip Hazel, an estimated 57% of publicly reachable mail servers on the internet use Exim....

/ 8 March 2019

WordPress/Joomla!/Drupal- A Security Comparison

One of the more popular methods of publishing content on a website is a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS generally has a graphic user interface where a user can log in, create or upload content, update existing content, design...

/ 6 March 2019