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Brace Yourselves, NGINX is Coming

Arguably, one of the most requested and popular feature requests submitted for cPanel & WHM has been the addition of the NGINX web server as an alternative to Apache. We have good news for those of you that have been asking: NGINX...

/ 19 April 2019

Security Advisor 101

Inside the Security Center section of WHM lies a feature that some cPanel & WHM users may not be familiar with. Security Advisor is a feature that when selected, displays possible security concerns that hosting providers will want to address, as well...

/ 9 January 2019

Reseller’s Guide to ACLs and API Tokens

Several versions ago, we made some monumental changes to the way that the ACLs (access control lists) and APIs behave and the level of access they grant. These improvements allow webhosts to provide more access to resellers while maintaining security for root...

/ 28 December 2018

A Brand New Tomcat is Here!

In cPanel & WHM version 76, we implemented a new version of Apache Tomcat® for users that run EasyApache 4. This iteration represents a complete overhaul of our implementation and provides substantial differences from the EasyApache 3 version. The EasyApache...

/ 27 December 2018

Move Over MyDNS and NSD- Here Comes PowerDNS!

One of the useful features that we offer with cPanel & WHM is the ability to run your own DNS server . The nameserver features we have provided in the past have included PowerDNS, MyDNS, BIND, and NSD. With the release of cPanel & WHM Version 78, we are deprecating NSD and MyDNS. New installations of...

/ 21 December 2018

The new and improved cPanel & WHM Version 70

It’s been almost two months since we announced the delay of cPanel & WHM Version 70. In that time, we’ve done a whole lot of work. We’re entering brand new territory for us, and Version 70 is at the center of...

/ 2 May 2018

December 2017 Development Update

Between the cPanel conference, releasing cPanel & WHM Version 68 and building version 70, we’ve done a whole lot since our last Development Update! We’ve had a ton of blog posts covering a lot of the new and exciting things that...

/ 22 December 2017

EasyApache 3: It’s been a long road, but it will be time to say goodbye soon.

It’s that time. No, not breakfast, or lunch. It’s time that we are finally defining the End of Life for EasyApache 3.  EasyApache 3 will be fully deprecated, receiving no further updates as of December 31st, 2018. This date allows...

/ 26 October 2017

EasyApache 4 Announcement

Over the past several months, we have been working on the next generation of EasyApache. In EasyApache 4, we will make quite a few major changes to the way cPanel & WHM utilizes Apache HTTPd & PHP. This will initially...

/ 14 January 2015

Introducing cPanel’s All-New Software Development Kit Documentation

Today, we in cPanel’s documentation department are excited to publish our brand new, completely rewritten and restyled Software Development Kit (SDK)!   The new Software Development Kit landing page. The SDK section of our documentation provides detailed information for all of...

/ 9 January 2015