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Another Year Under the Sun ?

Each new year, the world gets a little bit older…and so do we. This end to an era nudges us to take a step back and reflect on “how we’re doing” – to consider what

Antifragility at Work: Change is the Only Constant

“She successfully negotiated for her life’s happiness.” – Stuart Diamond, How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life I’m excited to finally be letting the world know that I’ve moved onto a new


Finding Top Talent: Stop Looking Inside a Box for People Thinking Outside of One

When you’re looking for innovative and action-driven talent, why not open your doors up to people that have already pioneered their own lives? I was recently contacted about an opportunity. On many levels, this opportunity


How to Be Great? Just be Good, Repeatably

Over the years, we’ve all encountered our fair share of successes and failures. As I’ve acquired more of both under my name, I’ve started to contemplate which experiences were truly “great” and why. Interestingly enough,