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Dealing with Zoom Fatigue and Burn Out in 2020

We have all experienced the effects of mental fatigue after a long work week, and feelings of burnout near the end of a large scale project. 2020 has only amplified these effects with daily Zoom meetings and a lack of...

/ 13 October 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold take two

The Galaxy Fold comes in a nice box. It’s a thing I rarely, if ever, mention in product write-ups, because, if done right, shipping containers are generally the least interesting thing about a product. But Samsung, to its credit, has...

/ 24 September 2019

Streamline Business Workflows with New Workspace ONE Mobile Flows in Intelligent Hub

Employees today are constantly on the go and information is coming at them from a variety of places. Users are bombarded with tasks and to-dos and can only humanly handle so much at one time. The mobile worker depends more...

/ 16 May 2019

The Light Sides of Dark UIs. Benefits and Things You Need to Know

One of the primary responsibilities of a UI designer is to create both the look and the feel of a product. The initial design has to be appropriate and relative to the purpose of the product — its audience and...

/ 24 April 2019

You Are Creating For A Human: Here Is Some Advice

You should know who you’re creating for. Your user is not an abstract substance. Think of a person. Explore your customer persona as you’d like to explore the mind of your loved one. Discover his or her wants and habits....

/ 16 April 2019

How To Make Your App Icon Stand Out: 5 Effective Tips

Are you about to embark on the adventure that is the design of your first ever app icon? Perhaps it’s high time to revisit the old saying not to judge a book by its cover. In the rapidly changing and...

/ 11 April 2019

Converting a Website to a Mobile App: Key Considerations

Having a properly designed and fully-functioning website is undoubtedly a crucial part of establishing your dominant online presence. It’s 2019, though. Mobile apps have taken the stage. And they did it by a storm. Crunching the numbers shows that there’s...

/ 9 April 2019

10 Myths That Can Ruin Your Mobile UX

It goes without saying that mobile usage continues to rise. People engage with their smartphones daily and in very important moments. This is something that defines associated industries such as mobile app development and mobile app interface design. However, the availability...

/ 25 March 2019

Cyberpsychology and Mobile UX: 5 Ways To Optimize Cognitive Load Read

Just because we’re Humans Human brains have a limited amount of processing power. We can run out of memory like computers. When the amount of information we get exceeds our ability to handle it, our memory suffers. We forget the...

/ 23 March 2019

6 Tips For Designing a Perfect iOS Mobile App

Being the experienced UI design agency that we are, we’ve decided to embark on a rather popular and exciting journey — iOS mobile app design. iPhones are sleek, cool, and particularly hot. Regardless of critics, Apple has been consistent in...

/ 22 March 2019