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The litmus test to know the impact you are making at work

No, it isn’t related to your compensation or job title. Photo by Rober González on Unsplash We measure our jobs through the impact it creates. And to measure that impact, we start monitoring the change in our

Goodbye Middle-Managers, Hello Blockchain

Who’s Actually Doing This? Two different companies are deploying protocols to execute various parts of this: Regium and HUMAN Protocol. Regium is an EOS protocol for managing digital assets. The company recently announced two key features,

Your Feedback Culture Isn’t Working

It wasn’t until later in my career that I had the great fortune of working for a company that truly embraced an “open feedback” culture. I had never worked for a company that encouraged and

You have to choose between Software Delivered on Time and Good Software

Hopefully I caught your attention with the controversial (and admittedly hyperbolic) title. Good. Let me restate it in a slightly more elegant and less clickbaity form: In general, you can either have software delivered on

Barron: Manager Summary

More Stuff How to handle bonuses in an OKR world I’ve been working with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) for a while, and one of the problems I recurrently face is whether or not to