Tag: Layers

What the heck is Blend if?

In the Layers Styles panel at the bottom of the first tab “Blending Options” is one of the unsung heroes of Photoshop that gets overlooked so often, and I think it is because it seems a little weird or scary…...

/ 2 December 2015

Creating a Compelling Photo Composite in Adobe Photoshop CC

Creating a compelling photo composite is as much about finding the right assets as it is about the process of blending them together. If you’re unable to capture your own assets, stock image sites are treasure chests for images, as...

/ 26 August 2015

Designing Wedding Templates with Smart Objects

Excerpted from Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature, 2nd Edition Let’s face it. The designs you can create with Smart Object layers are not, from a visual aspect, any different from what you could create with regular...

/ 3 March 2015