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WordPress® Auto-Updates: Should You Use Them?

Open Source projects just like WordPress have empowered more than a billion people in order to have an online profile. One factor that plagues the Open Source community is hackers. The nature of Open Source and additionally its security transparency...

/ 12 January 2021

WordPress® Hardening: One-Click Security with cPanel

WordPress is far together with away the most widely-used content management system regarding the web, but of which popularity comes at a price. It’s also the most attacked CMS. Certainly not because it’s un-secure, and yet because attackers know that...

/ 17 November 2020

Building a Reusable Front-end Development Project using Webpack and Tailwind CSS

One of the areas that a web developer will spend the most time learning is a build system or process to streamline their directory own local development process. When I first started working with task runners I was using Grunt...

/ 14 September 2019

Is open source the future?

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash Today open source software is used by everyone & everywhere knowingly or unknowingly. But it was not like this from the beginning. It all started around late ~60’s?—?early 70’s. This was the time when there...

/ 2 July 2019

10 OOP Design Principles Every Programmer Should Know

The Object-Oriented Design Principles are the core of OOP programming, but I have seen most of the Java programmers chasing design patterns like Singleton pattern, Decorator pattern, or Observer pattern, and not putting enough attention on learning Object-oriented analysis and design....

/ 5 May 2019

A Practical solution for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) issues in IONIC 3 and Cordova

Summary: I provide a practical solution for solving CORS issue in WKWebView in Ionic and Cordova. The solution works both for iOS and Android. Image credit: http://enzolutions.com If you code with Ionic or Cordova and use a REST API, you...

/ 16 October 2018

Building a Polyfill for React Suspense

The best way to understand a software concept is to try and build it yourself.?—?TB If you love React, you’ve probably heard something about the upcoming Suspense APIs, but even after watching a demo or two, it was pretty difficult...

/ 31 August 2018