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The Secret to an Original Site that Delivers Results

Ever wonder why companies like Apple or Amazon have such a cult following or why people love to use their sites as “inspiration” for their own website designs? I was one of these people back in

WordPress and cPanel…like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Content management systems have steadily increased in popularity across the internet. Whether it’s a personal blog or a company site, CMSs are becoming the new web standard. WordPress, arguably the most popular content management tool,


Three cPanel Plugins for Added Server Security

In the vast, seemingly limitless space known as the internet, you can find almost anything your heart desires. A recipe for the perfect quiche, instructions on creating survival knots, and of course — endless hours


Upgrading to Paper Lantern

If you missed it, we debuted a new look for the cPanel brand at WHD.Global in Rust Germany.  The new look is sleek, futuristic, and now personifies our focus on building the hosting platform of