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This Is The Single Most Costly Mistake Engineers Make?—?And How To Fix It

Engineers are known for wanting to do things the hard way. We prefer building things from scratch, even if 90% of the technology we need already exists. We like pushing boundaries. And we’re drawn instinctively

Stop measuring R&D planning VS execution. Start measuring team velocity

Most of you know me as a product person, but in the past year-and-a-half, I’ve been leading our R&D team @Bizzabo. Since taking the lead, I’ve searched for the best way to measure R&D team

Are Startups Really Innovative?

Innovation. Disruption. Startups. These words have been thrown around so much lately and with such different meanings that they’ve become useless. That’s unfortunate, since budding entrepreneurs need to cut through the hype in order to

Seven Ways to Become a More Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the most incredible courses you can take in life. You have the rare chance of nurturing ideas and dreams to the point where they become fruitful and desirable. While others may

How to Market Effectively

Desire is essentially borrowed desire. – René Girard in “The Scapegoat: The Ideas of René Girard” (CBC) Conventional wisdom tells you to ‘know your customer’. This is necessary, but not sufficient. You must also know who your

Startup Sales — How to Convert your First Leads to Customers

Getting a potential customer interested in learning more about your product is hard enough, but unfortunately early interest from a lead is a long way from a sale. Here’s how to take the process further

How to figure out the best pricing for your SaaS

You just finished building your MVP. Now you’re looking to launch and start getting paying customers. The problem is, you have no idea how you should be pricing your product. You are probably asking yourself:

Startup: Dream Discuss & Dissolve !

Startup has been the most discussed, most inspiring, most criticized still most revered phenomenon globally. For me the startup journey is An emotion in motion which goes through many painful experiences to make or break

Never Send a Business Model Canvas to Your Investors

A canvas is a tool mainly intended for entrepreneurs to learn and articulate changes to their business model proposition. However, the process carries a risky element in it: exactly the canvas itself, the current snapshot

Forget the Business Plan, Just Go “All In”

There are a great many entrepreneurs who sit around all day brainstorming the perfect idea. First of all, no great business comes from a long day of sitting at your desk wondering what will work.

Why do startups fail? A postmortem of 256 failed startups.

Product Market Fit Finding a potential market for a new, exciting product is still a big puzzle for all startups. No wonder, 42% startups have to wind down failing to create demand for their product. Across

Why Hiring Remotely Will Prevent Your Failure

As an employer, remote working benefits you as much as your employees If your company doesn’t adapt to changing market, your company is going to die soon. Over the course of the last three years,

Where the Next £Billion Consumer Brand Will Emerge From

How much money do you spend each year on the same things? That might be your favourite soft drink, toothpaste or the styling essentials you can’t live without. What reward do you get for your Loyalty? Crowd

Real World Signs that your Side Project won’t make it

By taking a critical look at my newest side project CatchIt.io, you can see numerous signs that the product won’t last very long and it’s best to focus on something else. How CatchIt.io came to life