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Hi-key fun

How about a little hi-key fun… Let’s start with a simple color portrait. Now you will want to click on the Adjustment Layer at the bottom of the Layers panel… choose Channel Mixer. Make sure to put the change the...

/ 27 January 2016

What the heck is Blend if?

In the Layers Styles panel at the bottom of the first tab “Blending Options” is one of the unsung heroes of Photoshop that gets overlooked so often, and I think it is because it seems a little weird or scary…...

/ 2 December 2015

Quick Production Backdrop

One challenge that designers have is how to showcase their companies product in a simple but effective way. This is a great way to quickly create a dynamic stage for your products to be showcased. Find a good ground image...

/ 11 November 2015

Let is snow

  create new document You will want to start out with a new document… size it according to your needs… I tend to make them fairly large so for this one 2400 x 2400… If you forget to fill the...

/ 4 November 2015

Dodging and Burning

One off the key factors in making a believable composite is to handle how the light falls on your elements. One of the best ways to wrangle the light is through dodging and burning. Here is a recent composite that...

/ 28 October 2015

Easy Slime Text Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s layer styles and some simple textures to create an easy, detailed slime text effect. Tutorial Assets1- Double Feature font.2- Ice Texture 4 by CageyResources.3- Black Mamba Pattern by Federica Pelzel.4- PS...

/ 20 October 2015

Quick Bloody Text Effect

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s layer styles, a simple texture, and a couple of brush tips to create a quick, vibrant bloody text effect. Tutorial Assets1- Shlop Regular font.2- 4 HD Flesh Textures by ThatSavior.3- Choc68...

/ 8 October 2015

Creating a Compelling Photo Composite in Adobe Photoshop CC

Creating a compelling photo composite is as much about finding the right assets as it is about the process of blending them together. If you’re unable to capture your own assets, stock image sites are treasure chests for images, as...

/ 26 August 2015

Create Repeating Segments with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop CC

One of the secret powers of the Mixer Brush is that it can sample multiple colors or even pixels to use for its stroke. This is great for creating color-rich strokes to simulate painting with a real brush, but for...

/ 12 August 2015

Using a Depth Mask to Simulate Volumetric Effects

“Simulate volumetric effects”â¦what? Those just sound like a bunch of big, fancy words. In plain English, what exactly is a volumetric effect? Put simply, a volumetric effect represents what happens to a subject when it exists in a semi-transparent substance...

/ 30 July 2015