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Google BERT Explained: What It Means for Your Website

With the release of BERT, the largest upgrade to Google’s algorithm in years, search has seen a revolution. The update came out in fall 2019, and has already rolled out worldwide. It affects search results

The WordPress Developer’s Guide to Creating Responsive Tables

Tables are perhaps the best method for sharing data in a way that’s easy to understand. They enable you to show comparisons between prices, products, and many more types of information. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t the


Google Data Studio Tutorial – Basics, Beginner Tips, Next Steps

A lot of running a successful site comes down to collecting, interpreting, and using data. Many people already use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Site Kit. But there is a new tool on


How to Create a Strong Landing Page With WordPress (In 5 Steps)

When it comes to online marketing, landing pages are a great way to drive your campaign goals. However, creating a successful landing page is different than other types of pages and posts on your site.


12 (WordPress) Web Design Trends 2020 You Should Not Miss Out On

In the following, we will try to make some predictions about the web design trends coming to WordPress and the Internet at large in 2020. Want to know what to get ready for? Then just


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing WordPress Plugins

As a WordPress developer, mistakes are part of the process. Successful plugin development, especially when you’re new to it, involves a bit of trial and error. Even seasoned developers are bound to mess up occasionally.


4 Ways to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard (To Benefit You and Your Clients)

When you’re creating WordPress sites for clients, it’s important to keep their experiences in mind. Crowded dashboards can often be confusing. Plus, chances are your clients don’t need access to all the functionality you use.


5 Causes of a Slow WordPress Site (And How to Fix Them)

Your site’s speed plays a major role in its performance, and therefore its success. WordPress sites with slow loading and response times are not only frustrating; they can also hurt your business. The trick lies


6 Professional Development Resources for WordPress

No matter what job you have, there is always room for improvement. This is particularly true for WordPress professionals. Web development and design are constantly-changing fields, and the second you learn one method of doing


How to Create a Custom WordPress Website with Gutenberg Block

It has now been a year since WordPress released its new Gutenberg Editor and it has now matured enough to become a very handy way to design and build your websites. Gutenberg has now overcome


Freelancer vs. Agency Developer: Which Path Is Best for You?

As a web developer, your skills are in high demand in today’s job market. More companies are making e-commerce and mobile marketing a priority, and it’s creating an abundance of work opportunities. However, the more


WooCommerce Maintenance: How to Care For Your E-Commerce Site

WooCommerce is now one of the most popular e-commerce solutions with 41% of all online stores built on the platform. With WooCommerce, a business or individual can start with a few products and grow over


Tools for Local WordPress Development

In this post and webinar replay with AJ Morris, we cover several tools for local WordPress development. We also cover some of the basics of Git, a version control system, plus a Git cheatsheet of


AI & Fintech: Are these prone to cybersecurity threats?

With the improvement in technology, more and more players are joining the bandwagon to leverage it. One of the late entrants is the finance sector also referred to as fintech companies who use technology to