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Security Advisor 101

Inside the Security Center section of WHM lies a feature that some cPanel & WHM users may not be familiar with. Security Advisor is a feature that when selected, displays possible security concerns that hosting providers will want to address, as well...

/ 9 January 2019

A Brand New Tomcat is Here!

In cPanel & WHM version 76, we implemented a new version of Apache Tomcat® for users that run EasyApache 4. This iteration represents a complete overhaul of our implementation and provides substantial differences from the EasyApache 3 version. The EasyApache...

/ 27 December 2018

Move Over MyDNS and NSD- Here Comes PowerDNS!

One of the useful features that we offer with cPanel & WHM is the ability to run your own DNS server . The nameserver features we have provided in the past have included PowerDNS, MyDNS, BIND, and NSD. With the release of cPanel & WHM Version 78, we are deprecating NSD and MyDNS. New installations of...

/ 21 December 2018

Avoiding a ‘Not Secure’ Warning in Chrome – Here’s How

UPDATE! On February 8th Google announced on their blog they’re going to start alerting in July 2018 for non-SSL sites. Get your SSL today! As TLS and SSL set a new benchmark for securely browsing the internet, devices and web browsers are...

/ 5 January 2018

cPanel Branding Basics: A Guide for Reseller Hosts

This post was originally posted on November 17, 2015, and has been updated for accuracy. Some images of the cPanel interface may have been updated. cPanel & WHM is a tool that has become synonymous with web hosting. However, while...

/ 13 December 2017

A WEIRED Recap: cPanel Conference 2016

Things got WIRED, things got WEIRD, and now another cPanel Conference is in the books! On October 3, cPanel’s developers, marketers, security professionals, and hosting thought leaders flew out to Portland for our signature conference. Hosted in a city known...

/ 12 October 2016

Taking a look at cPanel & WHM’s SSL certificate options

It’s been quite a ride since cPanel introduced free hostname SSL certificates in version 56. In cPanel & WHM version 60, we are adding the ability to purchase wildcard certificates through the cPanel interface. Since wildcard certificates are the newest...

/ 21 September 2016

Fast Install Mode: Install cPanel & WHM in record time!

A few months ago, we posted about our plans to speed up the cPanel & WHM installer. We are excited to announce that in cPanel & WHM version 11.52 you can look forward to much faster installations on all of...

/ 14 August 2015

30 Seconds to No More Spam with BoxTrapper

If you’re like me, you spend a good portion of your work day sorting through emails from some of your most trusted colleagues — Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, and maybe more. You might also find yourself learning about the...

/ 13 May 2015

The Future Is Now! cPanel & WHM on CentOS 7

Everyone wants the newest things, and cPanel has heard you! For the past several months, cPanel’s Code Monkeys development team has been working hard to implement support for CentOS 7 in cPanel & WHM. In cPanel & WHM version 11.50,...

/ 30 April 2015