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Report from WordCamp Europe 2020: The Future of WordPress

Another year, another WordCamp. After 2016, 2017, and 2019, I am back with a report from WordCamp Europe 2020. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this year, everything happened online. So, instead of some venue,

6 Eye-Opening SEO Case Studies and What Made Them Succesful [2019]

SEO case studies are a great way to learn more about how to do search engine optimization. Instead of studying the theory and applying it to your own site in the hopes of achieving results,


Google’s Layout Changes and What They Mean for Your SEO

Google likes to mix it up. From constant algorithm changes to its RankBrain AI, there is always news out of Mountain View. Another thing that has changed a lot over time is the layout of


WordPress for Startups – 10 Amazing Features That Make It an Ideal Solution (2019)

Is WordPress the right platform for your startup site? In the process of searching for the perfect CMS for your startup company, you might have asked yourself that very same question. The decision what system


10 Easy Tips to Successfully Take Over an Existing WordPress Website

Taking over a website from another designer sounds like good deal. No need to build anything from scratch, just get the login information, check in every once in a while and write regular invoices. Easy

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The Very Best FTP Clients for WordPress Users

There are a few things that should be part of the WordPress developer’s toolbox. Besides a good code editor and the number for their hosting provider’s tech support on speed dial, an FTP client is


James McClung: Artist

James McClung has quickly established himself as a sought after artist in the contemporary art and graphic design communities. He’s worked with clients such as Stereo Skateboards, Parliament Chocolate, Life & Thyme, Augie’s Coffee, Wheel House LA., and Strawfoot, among


Content Promotion – 9 Excellent Strategies to Get Your Content Read Now

When it comes to blogging and content marketing, most people focus their efforts on the production side. While content creation matters, getting it in front of other people is just as important (if not more).


“Should I Use a WordPress Page Builder Plugin?” – Discussing the Pros and Cons

WordPress has risen to success and fame on a platform of ease of use and beginner friendliness (among other things). However, to truly customize your site you often still need coding skills or professional help.


Storytelling – Why and How to Use It for Your Content Marketing

Storytelling is an important component of online content. Much like copywriting it’s a way of turning bland, forgettable blog posts and web pages into captivating content pieces. Storytelling has become a crucial component in online


We Need Your Help- Fill Out the Torque Community Survey

Five years ago Torque was created as a way to teach and communicate with the community. Ever since then, our community has grown and evolved. We want to carry on the tradition of community interaction


Why You Should Hire a WordPress Developer For Your Business

Of all the web platforms available today, WordPress is one of the fastest and easiest tools for creating a functional website in minutes. All you have to do is install the CMS and start adjusting