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Virtual Reality’s Latest Use? Diagnosing Mental Illness

Researchers are turning to VR because it can create realistic scenarios in a controlled setting, potentially making diagnoses more objective.

Tech Workers Unite to Fight Forced Arbitration

A social media campaign against forced arbitration clauses in employment contracts is a rare example of employees from different companies joining together.

The FTC Thinks You Pay Too Much for Smartphones. Here’s Why

The agency has charged wireless chip maker Qualcomm with imposing a “tax” on the makers of smartphones like Apple and Samsung.

Lawsuit Claims Google Board Covered Up Sexual Misconduct

An Alphabet shareholder takes aim at exit payments to executives who had been accused of harassment, including a $90 million package for Andy Rubin.

Gallup Poll: Labeling Sites May Help Stop Fake News Spread

A new Gallup survey suggests people are less likely to share stories from sites that are clearly marked as untrustworthy.

Switch Your Devices to Dark Mode to Give Your Eyes a Break

For many users, white-on-black displays offer relief from the eyestrain of reading dark text on a light background all day.

Blockchain Can Wrest the Internet From Corporations’ Grasp

Opinion: It’s time to restore the open source, community-led ethos of the original internet—with crypto.

Forget the iPhone Shortfall Driving Apple’s Stock Drop. They’re All About Services Now

Like others before it, Apple must navigate a shift from selling devices to selling content and services like the App Store.

The Silver Lining in Apple’s Very Bad iPhone News

Turns out people are upgrading their iPhones less frequently. That’s not good for Apple’s revenue—but it’s great for everyone else.

The Best Tech Quotes of the Year

Fourteen memorable lines, from an ethicist ruing the use of CRISPR to edit a baby’s genes, to Elon Musk’s “plan” to take Tesla private.

California Could Soon Have Its Own Version of the Internet

In 2018, the state reimposed net neutrality, established a privacy regime, and set bot rules. Will the moves splinter the net, or will others follow?

Is This Photo Real? AI Gets Better at Faking Images

Progress on AI-generated visuals offers clues on how images, video, and art could power new forms of entertainment and disinformation.

2018 Was a Rough Year for Truth Online

The internet has been awash with misinformation for years, but researchers are finally realizing it’s hard to quantify the scope of its impact.

Why Are We So Surprised by Facebook’s Data Scandals?

Facebook’s business model has always been to monetize user data. So why are we so shocked to learn how they did it?