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Which stablecoin type will survive the financial apocalypse

Stablecoins, the holy grail of every exchange that can’t work with traditional fiat currencies. After Tether’s USDT, that has been the stablecoin of choice for many years, suffered from severe rumors that the highly controversial

ELI5: Plasma Cash

This article hopes to explain in a clear and comprehensive manner what Plasma Cash is and how it helps solve Ethereum’s scalability issues. It will also explain the trade-offs made when using Plasma. This post

Goodbye Middle-Managers, Hello Blockchain

Who’s Actually Doing This? Two different companies are deploying protocols to execute various parts of this: Regium and HUMAN Protocol. Regium is an EOS protocol for managing digital assets. The company recently announced two key features,

How Women Can Enter the Blockchain Industry Without a Technical Background?—?An Interview with…

By Flora Qu Anthurine Xiang (center) and team. More and more people are asking questions on Quora regarding how to enter the blockchain field, and specifically how to enter without a technical background, and how women

The Caraga Campaign

RootProject and Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions (GPSS) are exploring an innovative, blockchain-powered funding initiative for urgently needed reforestation on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Less than 3% of primary forest cover remains

Decentralized Protocols and Digital Tokens Will Be The Backbone of Web 3.0

Cryptocurrencies will be the killer app for blockchain. There’s no doubt about that. Eventually, they won’t just be used for speculation. They’ll be a means to exchange value between people, organizations, and ultimately?—?machines. Cryptocurrencies are

Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe… This sums up dating apps today. Endless swiping leading to a few matches, then less matches you decide to have a meaningful conversation with and eventually one or two people you

Where will Cryptocurrency be in the next 5 — 10 years?

Cryptocurrency isn’t all just lambos and spaceship memes, there are some world changing technologies at play here. In the next 5–10 years I can see cryptocurrency being a part of our regular lives the same way


Migrating from Hyperledger Composer to Convector Framework — Marbles Example

Client Access If you want to test the above methods in Composer, this is what you usually do: const namespace = ‘org.hyperledger_composer.marbles’;const factory = businessNetworkConnection.getBusinessNetwork().getFactory(); const dan = factory.newResource(namespace, ‘Player’, ‘daniel.selman@example.com’);dan.firstName = ‘Dan’;dan.lastName = ‘Selman’;

Demystifying Master Nodes & Hyperinflaton

Don’t let Masternodes faze you (Image Credit: Unsplash) Master Nodes are equal parts craze, myth & hope. When you hear a person talk about Master Nodes, there is never a middle ground. They seem to

10 Most Remarkable Transport Sharing Startups on Blockchain

Blockchain is being introduced into a lot of industries, including the sharing economy. According to McKinsey data, the volume of the market in the world’s top regions in 2016 amounted $54 billion for the sharing

5 Promising Cryptocurrencies under $10 to invest in for 2018–2019

From Zero transaction fees to helping content creators. Can these cryptocurrencies perform well into 2019? The question of the “best” cryptocurrency to invest in over the next 2 years is not a simple one, there are

bZx Network ICO Review Part 2: Backing up Your ERC20 Stash

A Tough Choice Any swap of any cryptocurrency occurs on one of two types of exchanges: Centralized or decentralized. Each style carries its own pros and cons. Centralized exchanges offer convenience, speed, and liquidity. At least

Project Datum’s DAT Token: How’s it Flowin’?

A Gargantuan Stockpile Let’s go over a few DAT token basics. And we’ll start with the DAT token’s towering total. Yes, it’s huge. But it’s also deflationary. Although the Datum project’s whitepaper lists a total