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Can Facebook’s “Give People the Power” Mission be Accomplished Through the Blockchain?

When you last tried to register on any web service, you were likely to see a “login with Facebook” button somewhere during that process. This small detail emphasizes the enormous influence of this social network

A Cryptocurrency Freedom Manifesto — Is it Too Late for Bitcoin?

Dec 31, 2018 A lot has happened since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in a white paper in 2008 following the financial crisis. Part of his motivation at the time was to have an electronic based

NYSE operator’s crypto project Bakkt brings in $182M

Venture capitalists remain bullish on Bitcoin and its underlying technology despite sinking crypto prices.

High-definition Data

Verifiable Claims are a new type of data resource with high-definition qualities. This represents a unique new class of information. High-definition data has very many useful applications in the digital world that could profoundly change

Why Cryptocurrency Will Probably Not Substitute Real Money In The Nearest Future?

Well, because people have fear… we always fear the unknown, right?. And Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are still too complicated to be understood by the masses. Some time it is difficult to completely understand how they

What does it take to make your own blockchain explorer?

Even though the bear market is quite strong lately and there may not be much interest in the space, this is still arguably a great time to build new and cool things that may or

Blockchain In Supply Chain?—?Every Story Needs a Hero

When the average person thinks of supply chain and logistics, they think complex work flows of operations that propel a product or service from point A to point B. When the average person thinks of

CFTC Issues Smart Contracts Primer And Swiss Crypto ETP Beats Gold, Crude Oil, And Silver

The market is in green for the second consecutive day, with Bitcoin posting its biggest 24-hour gains in 7 months. Bitcoin closed at $4,257 yesterday, gaining 11.43%. This is the biggest single-day gain since April

Smart Contracts, Part 2: The Legality

The legality of smart contracts is often ambiguous?—?regulations need to be clarified, and a smart dispute-resolution system must be created. The past few years have seen a global spike in the excitement over smart contracts

Which stablecoin type will survive the financial apocalypse

Stablecoins, the holy grail of every exchange that can’t work with traditional fiat currencies. After Tether’s USDT, that has been the stablecoin of choice for many years, suffered from severe rumors that the highly controversial

ELI5: Plasma Cash

This article hopes to explain in a clear and comprehensive manner what Plasma Cash is and how it helps solve Ethereum’s scalability issues. It will also explain the trade-offs made when using Plasma. This post

Goodbye Middle-Managers, Hello Blockchain

Who’s Actually Doing This? Two different companies are deploying protocols to execute various parts of this: Regium and HUMAN Protocol. Regium is an EOS protocol for managing digital assets. The company recently announced two key features,

How Women Can Enter the Blockchain Industry Without a Technical Background?—?An Interview with…

By Flora Qu Anthurine Xiang (center) and team. More and more people are asking questions on Quora regarding how to enter the blockchain field, and specifically how to enter without a technical background, and how women

The Caraga Campaign

RootProject and Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions (GPSS) are exploring an innovative, blockchain-powered funding initiative for urgently needed reforestation on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Less than 3% of primary forest cover remains