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Which stablecoin type will survive the financial apocalypse

Stablecoins, the holy grail of every exchange that can’t work with traditional fiat currencies. After Tether’s USDT, that has been the stablecoin of choice for many years, suffered from severe rumors that the highly controversial

ELI5: Plasma Cash

This article hopes to explain in a clear and comprehensive manner what Plasma Cash is and how it helps solve Ethereum’s scalability issues. It will also explain the trade-offs made when using Plasma. This post

What Are The Most Promising Coins in Late 2018?

Following NYU Professor David Yermack’s Criteria for Evaluating Cryptocurrencies Image credit: Descryptive.com | CC BY 2.0 Nine years ago, the digital revolution started as a novelty and has grown to be the most discussed topic in

The Next Stage of Crypto: Source of Value

There’s a lot of talk revolving around Bitcoin’s transition from digital money to a store-of-value. The crypto market is dominated by speculators and money-making interests, which up to now has been the primary driver for

Building Bitcoin: Interview with Vortex, the Founder of ‘Programming with Bitcoin’ and ‘The…

Online Identity: Vortex RJ: I was a software developer for 15 years, specifically working on web applications with asp.net C#. Years in the $BTC game: I first learned about bitcoin in late 2012. How might

Is the Merchant’s dream a mirage?

Lit, the Lightning underdog The Lit Lightning Network is one implementation of the Lightning Network that has been somewhat on the background. It is being developed by the MIT DCI and has a working implementation

Crypto already beats VISA’s transaction capacity

Cryptocurrencies have long surpassed the transaction capacity of every traditional payment system in the world. This might be considered a controversial statement in the current crypto market atmosphere, where bitter debates are raging on which

The ICO craze comes full circle; now it’s all about how to return funds to investors

You can follow me @FlatOutCrypto and find all of my work on flatoutcrypto.com Cofound.it announced today that they would be shutting down the company and returning assets to token holders. This is an important move,

Decent is proud to be a founding member of the Blockchain Association. Here’s why.

Decent’s the first healthcare project joining leaders like Coinbase and Digital Currency Group to help shape the future of crypto. Policy matters. We believe the greatest existential threat to crypto is uninformed and unsupportive regulation. From

Building financial systems with Stellar — finally creating applications of real economic activity.

Let’s go back in time…it’s January 2018?—?after a very crypto-enthusiastic finish of 2017 we storm into the new year with high hopes. No matter how many moons some people flew to, we were all brought

Unikrn Locked and Loaded, ready for us?

Team BIG: One of the top CSGO teams on earth sporting the Unikrn Brand always. It was only last summer that our plan for UnikoinGold was presented to the public, a plan in which Unikrn aimed

Don’t Invest in ICO’s

1. Removes Middle Man in a Current Process Essentially one of the most important concepts of Blockchain technology is that it aims to cut out a middle man in a current process. We need that trust

What are crypto exchanges and why do we need them?

The fundamental idea behind Bitcoin was to create a peer-to-peer system for money transfer, without any third parties involved. While Bitcoin managed technically solve that problem, the real world presented a number of other challenges:

How to Validate a Crypto Trading Strategy

A use-case and walkthrough of how we used the Gatsiva API to evaluate a proposed trading strategy for 0x (ZRX). At Gatsiva, we’ve been applying machine learning to markets for over 15 years with equities,