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How to Recognize Scams Targeting Your Website

One of the downsides to owning your own website or domain is that you have to register, mostly using personal information, in a public directory of sorts. Anyone can look up a URL or site and immediately see the owner,...

/ 27 July 2019

How WordPress Websites Get Hacked

Your website is like a home – secure if you take the appropriate precautions, but vulnerable to burglars if you don’t. In the website world, however, sites don’t get burgled, they get hacked. The number of sites that get hacked...

/ 29 June 2019

5 WordPress Best Practices Every Developer Should Follow

Over a third of the entire internet runs on WordPress. That means millions of WordPress developers around the globe are dedicated to its continued success and ease of use. While the following tips are generally well-known, it’s always good to...

/ 12 June 2019

Why Start a Business Blog? And How to Do It

A blog can help your business grow, and this post will help you get started. First, you’ll learn why a blog makes sense for your business, then get six early blogging steps to take. A Business Blog Helps You Cement...

/ 31 May 2019

How to Start an Online Business in 5 Steps – A Beginner’s Guide [2019]

Should I start an online business? That’s a question many people ask themselves. I’m not making this up. Just look at the related searches for “start an online business” in Google. It’s right up there with how to start an...

/ 16 May 2019

How to Write Great Calls to Action (+Examples) – Click Here Now!

Knowing how to write great calls to action is an incredible business asset. CTAs are an essential part of any landing page, newsletter sign-up form, or other online-marketing measures. Many experiments show that optimizing calls to action can have great...

/ 3 May 2019

Twitter vs Facebook – Which is Better for Your Website or Business?

The question of Twitter vs Facebook can be complex. Which is better for your site or business to be on? And do you even have to make a decision? The two social networks each offer lots of opportunities to connect...

/ 19 April 2019

How to Turn Your Blog into a Membership Site with WordPress

Blogging is only getting more popular which means more and more people are starting blogs in the hopes of turning it into a full-time career. But it can be difficult making money online with blogging and the income is unpredictable...

/ 5 April 2019

7 Tools How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

Are you a business owner who has multiple websites for different aspects of their marketing campaign? Maybe you own an assignment writing agency, so you have a home website that explains your business. Then you have another site that teaches students...

/ 22 March 2019

How to Quickly Improve the User Experience (UX) on WordPress?

There is a strong link between your website’s user experience and amount of traffic. User experience (UX) is how users behave and feel when they’re using your site. For 83 percent of consumers, a seamless experience across all devices is...

/ 12 January 2019